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Someone kindly tells me that there has any particular graphics design course. What is the duration of the course and the money spent it?

It would help to know where you live and what your objectives might be. This would enable people to give you better advice.

Here in the U.S., becoming a professional graphic designer usually involves obtaining a 4-year bachelor’s degree or more. It’s difficult to get a job in this field without one, so no online course on design will substitute for that. An online university degree is sometimes doable, but the cost can be tens of thousands of dollars. For non-professional hobbyists and amateurs there are online quick courses about various kinds of design through sites like,,, etc.

In other parts of the world, university and college degrees aren’t as important. In those countries, people sometimes learn certain aspects of graphic design on their own or through courses, like you suggested. I can’t give you much advice there, though, since I’ve never really taken an online design course except a few on for fun or to help me learn a few new skills here and there.

By the way, I’m moving your post from the introduction topic since your question isn’t really an introduction post (hope that’s OK).

You can check various online graphic design courses on different-different sites e.g. Skillshare, Udemy, coursera etc.

It relies upon where you need to go for course classes. In any event in the US, on the off chance that you are an understudy taken a crack at suitable courses, the primary year of the total CC is just $30 every month. A few schools may even give it free, however I can not reveal to you your particular schools approach. And it will be almost 3 months duration for the course.

Check out with Udemy, edX. There you can directly contact with the instructor and can discuss the duration, certifications, fees structure, etc.,

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