Graphic design freelance sites?

I’ve been a graphic designer for 40 years and looking for a remote, part time gig.
Has anyone had any luck with finding such a job?
I know of and Indeed… But not much luck.

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I see this is the first time you have posted. As you will notice one of the places you mentioned was auto changed. We do not allow any mention of that site.

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Stay away from the contest crowdsourcing sites, such as the one you mentioned, which was automatically removed. They’re populated by cheapskate clients, sweatshop operations, and amateurs looking to make pocket change. In addition, you can put many hours into a solution, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll win the contest.

You might try Upwork. It’s a crowdsourcing site, but it operates differently. There are no contests. Clients post jobs, designers apply for those jobs with cover letters and portfolios. Clients choose the designers they want to work with. Between the two of them, they work out a contract before any work begins. Prior to doing any work, clients put money into an escrow account that’s paid by Upwork at the completion of whatever milestones are mentioned in the contract. Of course, Upwork takes its cut, but that’s how they make money.

That said, you won’t get rich from Upwork. The jobs are typically piecemeal work for unsophisticated amateur clients looking for unrealistic dirt-cheap bargains. For a here-and-there, sometimes thing, it can work out, though. I picked up three good long-term clients there during the six months I experimented with Upwork three years ago. All three have stuck with me once I left Upwork, and they agreed to significant fee increases to keep me.

If you don’t mind wading through the 99.9 percent of the junk jobs, it might be worth it depending on what you’re offering and what you need to make it worth your while.


I have worked as freelancer on People Per Hour and made a fairly good income, there are downsides tho - they take a percentage of your income, plus its a bidding site where other people bid on same job ergo you need to stand out from the croud. There are occasionally permanent jobs advertised but infrequently.

Another is, its not just a that people charge for certain services, so graphic design would be a good income source.

Hope this helps

I think you mentioned the same banned site as the OP, LOL!

I’ve heard good things about “Working not Working.” I believe they were purchased by [company that shall not be named] but are still a separate company that caters to more serious designers and design projects.