Graphic Design Quiz: Do You Know Your Stuff?

Hmmm…I take exception to 3 of them
#2 CMYK also relates to PPI but I suppose if you are playing the SAT game then DPI is right.

#4 The right answer is “Whatever the printer wants,” though technically 80% of handoff is PDF. Check your settings!

#13 We rarely ever print anything below 25ppi and that’s for Broadcast or Stadium/Theatre sized graphics. But I didn’t check if that answer is to avoid the .psb format…which sucks to work with.

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I got 19/20. For #13, I didn’t think about how large the graphic was and said 300 dpi. Had I thought about how large it was, I probably would have said 150 dpi rather than 20 dpi, so I wold still have gotten it wrong.

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Although not especially difficult to tell which answers he felt were correct, I too take exception to several of his answers, as well as to some of the questions.

#2 — This was a comparative logic question, like those found on IQ tests where one is expected to choose the better answer, even though it might not be the definitive or exclusive answer.

#4 — Unlike his claim, the best format for print is not necessarily PDF. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn’t. It depends on the job and the printer.

#5 — He applies non-universal definitions to the words flow and movement. He should have been more precise in his language when using fuzzy words to define distinctly different concepts.

#9 — The way he phrases the question, the right answer could be either typeface or font. Given that his answer is font, he should have phrased his question more precisely since there is a difference between the two terms.

#13 — The premise of his resolution question demonstrates his lack of understanding about the subject matter.

There was one question where he wrote “CoralDraw” and also pronounced it CoralDraw instead of CorelDraw.

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