Graphic Design Research Project Survey


I am in need of participants to fill out a survey for my graduate school research project! I am looking for individual graphic designers with ages 18-25 years old with 0-3 years of work experience. This survey will briefly ask questions about Social Sustainability and how it overlaps with the field of Graphic Design. I am not allowed to add links for some reason, but if anyone is willing to help out please comment down below so I can send you the form link! The survey should not take more than 15 minutes, so please consider helping a student out for their research project, thanks!

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I’ve bumped up your posting privileges, so if you want to post a direct link, feel free to do so.

Awesome, thank you!

here is the link to the survey: Microsoft Forms

PLEASE CONSIDER TAKING IT, it would help me out so much!

I gotta ask what an 18 year old “designer” is gonna know about social sustainability that is worth anything for a research project. In fact, I’d ask what anyone who hasn’t been working in the industry for at least 5 years, and I mean a real job working for a real agency, would know about social sustainability and its relationship to graphic design.

That would not make sense for my research project, I am wanting to work with individuals who started working in the industry or aspire to work in the industry to help improve resources, tools, and education for them to improve their work at a small scale. Thanks for the negative feedback though…

It isn’t so much negative as practical.
I’m thinking you would be much better off asking professionals who have been in the industry longer what they wish the young designers working for them had learned in this field (bearing in mind that social sustainability has many different aspects.) Asking folks who’ve never done this work before what they think they need to learn never works out well. Most design students these days will find themselves far from the level of clientele where anything above the most basic level of social sustainability is critical to the client’s endgame as far as graphic design is concerned.

I haven’t looked at your survey. I’d be interested in what aspect of this field you are focusing on. After you get your results, of course, so no one skews the data on you. It’s an interesting topic. But like I said, very vast in scope.