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Graphic design studio software, this software is what I accidentally saw, how is it? Big family before?

Graphic design studio software, this software is what I accidentally saw, how is it? Has anyone used it?

Can you post a link to what you saw?

Ok, it’s

Boy, I asked for that, didn’t I.

It may have been around for 15 years, but I’ve never seen it before.
Here’s the deal. If you use it for creating your own artwork, then it is no different from using the other non-industry standard softwares out there. You will have to work with your printer though in order to determine what would be the best hand-off format. I’m seeing things being done in the quickie tutorials that would immediately put you on the “trouble” list.

If you use it as template-driven derived design using drag and drop clipart or pre-determined layouts, then no, it is not good. Especially when it comes to doing logos. I’m always suspicious of “logo creator” software. A logo should be a unique creation particular to the needs of the client’s business, not something mashed together from stock parts that any other person in the world can use. A finished design done in that way might not even be trademark-able, which is a disservice to your clients.

Without downloading it, I see no indication how it handles images used in a design or how well the pdf engine works on handling transparency features. I can’t see if raster effects such as drop shadows and glows are scale dependent or variable. I don’t see a color-standards support (Pantone et al,) nor am I seeing any indication of what color profile spaces it supports (does it support CMYK output?)

Good luck with that.

Thanks very much.

I have not heard anything about this application, so I can’t tell. Sometimes I use another online service, with the help of it I [create a logo] link removed. It has a simple interface, you can share design options with your friends and choose the best


Hey guys, Do you know if Adobe Photoshop is the only program with “smart objects”?

There are many offline and online tools available for graphic design. If you don’t have technical skills and much time then graphic design studio tool offer the greatest level of flexibility for your project. These software are good for anyone who has a small – very small print business. Here I am going to suggest you Design’N’Buy.

Ha ha ha LOL.

Cheap always comes at a cost.

If you don’t have an Adobe budget, look at Affinity software. It is amazing for the price and may, one day become a giant-killer.

You’ll still have to learn it. Not drag and drop. No good can ever come from drag and drop clip art design. It’s the devil’s spawn.

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