Graphic Design Title Generator

I came across this website, thought I’d give it a share. For those of you looking to switch up your job titles!


That gave me a good laugh :smiley:

You may now call me:

Genie of Material Enlightenment and Visualization


Criminal of Exceptional Design and Eye Candy

Which ever you prefer :smiley: LOL

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How about Genie for short?

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I think this accurately describes anyone working in a corporation :joy:

Exaggerated Design Optimist and Survivor


There is a ring of truth to that one :smiley:

I got to admit, some of these are pretty good. Much more inspiring than ‘Graphic Designer’. They communicate a whole philosophy or how design is approached, which is important for a client to understand.


I really like it but some of it are very deep… I saw one here…

“Self-Declared Performer for Habitual Empathy”

It is cool if I make it “Self-Declared Graphic Artist for Habitual Empathy”? ahaha

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The color combinations on those pages could trigger an epileptic seizure if clicked through too fast. :flushed:

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this is wonderful!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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