Graphic design

Hello guys,

Is this MacBook good for graphic design?

Not enough hard disk space you’d need external storage

You’re proposing to purchase an 8-year-old computer. If my information is correct, that model won’t even run the latest MacOS.

The 2015 MacBook Pro was a fantastic machine for its time, but it’s teetering on the verge of obsolescence. I would not pay €435 for it.

You can search - MacBook Pro 16-inch

Not bad but I would much rather save up a little bit more & buy a second hand m1 macbook air (€800). I bought mine for €650 but usually they go for €800

What generation is the processor? Core i7 is good for graphic designing and 16 GB RAM is also perfect. I don’t see much wrong with it except the storage. Either try to go for an upgrade if you can afford it or try buying an external storage (which you could probably save up for without waiting to get the laptop)

However, I somewhat agree with @Just-B. This mac won’t run the latest macOS. This one runs macOS Catalina which is about three versions older than the latest one (macOS Ventura)

Also, fair warning, I’ve heard of refurbished Macs having janky screens. But if you trust the site or have used it before (cuz I haven’t) it might be okay.

I might hit a nerve here, but did you consider any other option besides Mac? Or is Apple the end-all-be-all for your devices? It’s a fantastic machine but if you’re on a tight budget - you might have to make a compromise.

I disagree. I think they are not that good.
You get much better value for Windows based laptops/desktops.

I got a refurbed Mac earlier in the year after hearing about their amazing ‘battery life’ and I don’t see it. I unplug the Mac and with all the apps open and running I get about an hours worth.

To save battery I close all the apps and it takes about 3-4 hours.

I get more out of my Windows based laptop that is close to 7 years old now.

I don’t think Apple computers are anything special at all - just overpriced.

I take it that you won’t be spending $3,000 for an Apple headset (neither will I). :wink:

I agree there’s nothing special about Apple (at least in recent years) other than their absurdly high $3 trillion market valuation. It’s become just another corporation making money by selling stuff to people.

It’s the MacOS that keeps me buying Macs. (I prefer Android to iOS, by the way.) Each time I use Windows, I end up frustrated and cursing under my breath at what seems to me to be a non-intuitive mess.

Of course, that’s because I started out on Macs when they first arrived on the scene in 1984 when no other viable computing alternatives existed for graphic design. I’ve gotten used to the MacOS because I grew up with it. Even though equivalents exist for Windows, two of the main pieces of software that I use — AppleScript and BBEdit — aren’t available on Windows. It’s too late for me to switch (or even want to switch) to less expensive hardware.

Add it all up, and I don’t mind paying more money to get what I prefer when it’s such an important part of my daily routine. The same holds true with the chair I sit on for the majority of the day — an overly expensive $1800 Aeron chair.

Other people’s differing opinions on this are, of course, equally valid since it boils down to personal preference. When people prefer Windows, they get no argument from me. For those who like it, it does the job just fine.

I guess what I’m saying is that a lower price isn’t the deciding factor for me. However, it just might be for others.

I think the OPs question has been answered.
The answer to their question is “No.”

I pretty much don’t care about the OS. I don’t like the Mac Os it is ok. Windows os is ok. There’s nothing special. I prefer Windows.

And it’s not because I statred on any or other types. It just doesn’t matter for me.
Both are adequate. Prefences aside, they can both be frustrating

The thing is that Macs were better in 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Macs were designer tools, and PCs were office worker tools

It’s no longer the case.

I think, no in fact I know, people buy by price they think higher price it must be better.

I don’t see any advantage for me and my workflow spending too much on computers.

For me buying a Mac was a necessity and I’m fine with that.

But there’s a price point barrier I don’t need to break to get stuff.done.

I’m happy with the Mac I got. I was expecting better battery life when not plugged in, 9 hours some were telling me, barely got 2 hours.

There’s a lot of hype and untruths floating about about Macs.

But if you have money buy it. I just can’t justify buying computers at certain price points.

Especially when they do essentially the same thing.

MacBook Pro models are generally more powerful and suitable for graphic design tasks compared to MacBook Air models.

Both of these are Pro. But they are 8 years old already and cannot run the current Apple OS11, nor the newer Adobewares.
The answer on these is still “No.”