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Hy, i am Sanip, currently studying printing and graphics design. Just need help about the explanation of cookies in your own words(define cookies).

They’re like little bite-sized cakes that are sort of chewy, but some are crunchy. Some have chocolate chips in them but some don’t.

Or maybe, you were asking about cookies as they relate to websites. Cookies that you can eat are more fun, but here we go. Cookies are little chunks of information that a website places on your browser’s memory to keep track of various things, like whether or not you’ve visited before or have already logged in or your location or whatever. Come back to the same website in, say, an hour or two and the site will read those cookies and, maybe, say to itself, “Hey this person visited earlier today and logged in as Bob.” Depending on the program, an automated “Hi, Bob” message might even be displayed. Or it might prompt you to complete a purchase since the cookies say you have things in your shopping cart left from that earlier visit.

I love messing with websites. Filling shopping carts with high-ticket items, or even a crapload of small, totally unrelated items. Then just leaving it.

I also toss my cookies about once a month, except for the certain few that I know are logins.

I only toss my cookies if I have Jaegermeister after beer.

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