Graphic Designer CD Cover Game

Oh my … Granny has seen some better days :wink:

That’s no granny. It’s a creative director in her prime.



I felt, um, inspired.

Here was the source image



Your design is simply oozing with a powerful richness, beauty, and subtlety. Placing the woman upsidedown in defiance of gravity is a nice touch.

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OMG…You should really go into the design business Craig … that is fantastic!


Her fringe defies gravity … I like it!


Ha. It was oddly fun working on it. I discovered a few other fun details. The original seal, and my recreation are not perfect circles. They are both a little wider than they are tall. I also like how the inner circle and outer circle are different shades of blue.

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I never noticed the two shades of blue … even better! :grin:

No doubt symbolic of the tension between American flamenco, the church, and the dude in the chair. Brilliant. :clap:

Kind of amazed how the band, album, and art worked together on this one. I swear I didn’t cheat.


Great image draw.

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Yeah, I agree. Here’s the original.


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Geech, the three items play off of each other perfectly. You even have two newspaperish lines of type plus an image that relates to a republic. On top of that, the artwork itself is good-looking, as is the way you put it all together. Nice!

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One last cover for the morning. Now, I need to get to client work.

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