Graphic Designing (Illustrator)

Contrast is an issue in print or online. When you view print or online you are still viewing reflective light. So while the color used in the print version of this piece may be different from the web image of this piece shared in this thread, contrast is still an issue and using hex values or RGB values to approximate those contrast issues is valid.

It’s easy to forget that we aren’t designing to our eye. That is, I have a family member who would see all but the darkest yellow on white as just white; no yellow.

thank you
I was almost fired in 1997 for using yellow on white background, the draft company owner did not see my final with red outline.

I did not recognize any yellow text on the posted and had to read the several times,
any slogan should be bold, and very visible…

but we live in a millennial world were rules dont apply anymore.

Ok - if you guys don’t like it then so be it.
I don’t have an issue with it in the right way it’s used.

Sounds drastic.

Design for legibility - it’s the task, the main job of a designer.

Surely, and in many cases, accessibility.

Yes, in some cases, and many cases.

Look, I just took offense to the ‘never’ part - didn’t think it would still be going on now.
There’s nothing wrong with what the OP did to be scalded like that.
And you can of course use colours like this for design purposes.

Pardon me if I don’t agree, I’m doing this almost 25 years now and never had any print job rejected by a client.

Also not replying on this topic any more.

You can do it - it has to be manager possibly carefully.
But ‘Never’ is the wrong message.

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Closing this up since it’s become a spammers favorite. :roll_eyes: