Graphic Designing (Illustrator)

Can anyone please tell me why there is a white border on the top and the bottom of the image?

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The answer would depend on the steps you took to produce “the image”.

Did you intend to have bleed?

Yup, how did you produce it?

And I know you didn’t ask for it, but whew that “image” breaks a whole lot of rules of good design…

No, I did not try to have bleed.

I produced it in adobe illustrator.

There are no white borders on what you posted, so I have no way of knowing what you’re referring to. Anyway, I’d need to open the original file to tell you what’s happened. It could be the result of any one of many different things.

NEVER use yellow or faint gold on white background.
especially for the main message!

Oh ok

? Curious on this … why not?

yellow is hard to read at first, the text color fades into the white background
a darker color like red alway stands out

That’s a weird stance… Never had an issue with in 25 years.

Really? Odd, yellow on white has always been something of a design no-no. Of course it does depend on the shade of yellow. But having enough contrast for your text or headline is definitely important.

This site allows you to enter in your colors to gauge the contrast and readability.

I entered the yellow above and got a “fail”.

To me the headline is less of an issue, but it could be improved. The bigger readability issue is the smaller yellow text on the light gray background.

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That’s strange. Of course you want contrast. I don’t trust those sites. I go by eye. If it looks good then do it.

For body text I agree. Headlines are large enough.

Guess it’s a preference thing. If I can read it is fine

Don’t really see anything wrong with the design the op posted except text to close to page edge.

Using the tool:

yellow on gray got a contrast ratio of 1.53 : 1
yellow on blue got a contrast ratio of 5.12 : 1
Blue on white got a contrast ratio of 10.54 : 1

Again I wouldn’t use tools like that. Seems similar to a barcode color combination chart I had back in the day.

I think most seasoned designers don’t use a tool like that either. I’ve been at this long enough to go by eye as well. However, the yellow on gray is definitely lower contrast and harder to read. I mean sure, it can all be read, but when your content is less easy to read it makes people have to work at it a little which could put them off from reading it entirely. Especially if it is in a space competing with other messaging.

Just to say too that looks like a web standard checking tool, not print, by the looks of it.

Swings and roundabouts, horses for courses and all that.

There’s a place for everything, but the lack of contrast between yellow and white usually precludes me using it for text and headlines on white — at least when contrast is needed for readability. There are certainly exceptions, though.

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Always the voice of figuring out the point I’m making ha ha.