Graphics for video boards

I am working to create graphics that will go up on video boards. I have experience in print design, so this is a new world for me.

This is the only information that I have received regarding the video boards:

It can be used in a 2x2 orientation with a graphic spanning across all 4 displays or each display can be used individually using separate playlists. Image size for these configurations would be 1920x1080 pixels. Jpg or png file types for still graphics, mp4 for video or animation.
We also could experiment with a 2x1 or 1x2 configuration that would allow separate content on the top/bottom displays or left/right.
Standing or scrolling graphics are determined by the file type used. Scrolling is accomplished via an animated mp4.

I understand the 1920x1080 piece, but what I don’t understand is, how do I set up a image/file if I want the graphic to span across all 4 boards? Do I create 4 different graphics? Or because of the ratio, can 1 graphic be used and how it is programed will work. If this is the case, can I specify where in the graphic the splits are made. For example, one of the graphics that is requested to be used has text on it. If I divide the graphic (already set up as 1920x1080) in half top/bottom, and left/right, the splits would go right through the text.

Also, since I am a print designer, and mostly comfortable in InDesign, can the graphics be created in InDesign and saved/exported as files that could be used? I’m trying to 1) be more efficient with my time because I can zip through InDesign (or even Illustrator) to do this, and 2) the graphics that will be requested to be used for the video boards stem from printed pieces already - I’ld rather not have to re-design if at all possible.

Can someone point me in the right direction on the best way to set up these graphics? I’ve tried youtubing for the answers, but I don’t think that I am using the correct search words. What is coming up is how to set up the video screens, as in the electronic and physical components of the screens themselves. What I am actually interested in how to set up/design the files themselves.

Thanks for any help that be sent my way!

Not the definitive answer you’re looking for, but I think it depends on what you’re trying to achieve and what capabilities the hardware controlling the video boards might be.

Depending on what you want, the setup can probably display separate images, all the same images or split the same image up into four different sections (if it’s the later, you’ll also need to account for the gap between the monitors).

I’m not an expert with this kind of thing (I have a subordinate employee who’s out setting up one of these as I write this, but that’s why we hired him), but from what I’ve gathered, it will likely be best to ask your question directly to those responsible for these video boards and who know the specs, the hardware and the ins and outs of what their setup.

As for doing it in InDesign, well, if that’s what you feel comfortable with, it could work. You’ll just need to supply them with the final artwork in the format they requested, however.

As for motion they’re asking for mp4, which opens up a huge can of worms for a print person like yourself, so I’m assuming you’re not going there unless you’re eager to dive into Premiere or AfterEffects.

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