Graphics tool for Mac to define polygons on image

Any advice re a graphics tool for Mac (ideally less expensive than PhotoShop if one supports this) that can:

  1. Open a background image and scale to standard background size I need.
  2. Define Areas - Define multiple areas on the image (e.g. Rect, Circle, Polygon) by tracing around key items (e.g. light, button, chair etc).
  3. Export Area Data - Can export the data that describes these tracings (e.g. x,y co-ordinates for Polygon, position & radius for circle) when required. Would provide a list of data for each traced object, then can import into my application and read this. [could be just polygons only]
  4. Export images for the areas defined from (2) - so after exporting for one images there might be several smaller images that would be exported (e.g. clipped image of the chair)
  5. Can come back later and load/still have the areas defined, and adjust them and re-export data and images.
  6. Overall output from one background image with areas defined on the image:
    • Exports a data file defines the different areas (polygons etc)
    • Exports the “cut out” images for each of these


Not entirely sure of what other programmes can do this.

Photoshop on it’s own is only €25 a month (less than a Euro a day)

Or there’s a Photography plan that includes Lightroom and Photoshop for just €12 a month.

GIMP is free and might do what you want.

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