Great advice for creatives


Yeh really like him as a presenter and a talker. His TED talks are amazing.

It’s very easy to not see who you are in work mode, or personal mode.
We had a saying in our self-defence classes that I used to teach.
There’s always 3 perspectives involved in an alteraction.
The attacker(s) - the defender(s) and the bystander(s).

And each sees different things.

I was unfamiliar with this guy, so I needed to look him up. He has some good advice.

Adam Savage? You need to check out his series MythBusters. He’s branched out since.

Adam Savage is fab! I subscribe to his YouTube channel. Some of his builds are out of this world.

I like his vid where he’s teaching his Boston Dynamics Spot robot to dance. It never occurred to me until he went through the safety protocols that those things are heavy and can withstand significant side-force - and they WILL knock you down/hurt you. They aren’t toys, for sure!

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