Great LEGO campaign from Ogilvy Thailand: "Build the Future"


That’s awesome! :slight_smile:

Wow, amazing work!

So disappointed :unamused:
(from AdWeek interview):

Ogilvy says it is planning to build the characters from the ads as actual Lego structures as an extension of the campaign.

Hmmm, not quite sure how to read that, PD.

If you mean you’re disappointed that the characters weren’t already built, I understand.

Obviously, in concept, these are stunning visuals and certainly a very nice piece of work. But to be honest, my initial reaction was “the contrivance is too obvious.” Actually, I’ve always kind of felt that way about the various Lego exhibit pieces I encounter. Yeah, it’s cool to imagine building something so extreme with Legos, but imagining it is really all that resides within the realm of possibility. I’m not saying the ones I’ve seen weren’t built using Lego blocks, technically, but I am saying they can’t be built by Lego’s customers.

I know I’m a hopeless cynic, but the purpose-engineered internal framing, strategic use of paint and adhesives, and the construction methods and brick styles available only to/through Lego engineers themselves just leave the exhibit pieces too far removed from the realities of the actual market product IMO. I’ve seen some that were truly fascinating to look at, but the more elaborate they were, the less authentic they became. One time, we came across a display of very large Lego dinosaurs in an amusement park, and I couldn’t help thinking: “What if they all just crumbled to pieces right here and we had to walk across the debris field in bare feet to get home? We’d never make it.”

Disappointed in a couple ways.

  1. yeah they aren’t real (I would have expected an armature inside the blocks to hold the weight of the kid anyway.)
  2. they are simple - very simple- 'shopped images of kids in a computer rendered architectural thing. Whee.

Is the marketing concept here that if kids play with legos, their dreams become real? I’m a firm believer in kids playing with real toys like legos, lincoln logs, tinkertoys and erector sets rather than virtual screens. But kids should be left alone to be kids. A 5 year old doesn’t dream of a career in “social services.” But being a fireman looks cool.

Ads like these aren’t for the kids. They’re geared at getting the adults to buy the toy for the kid.
Kinda like walking through Cabella’s fishing lure department. All those bright shiny things don’t catch fish. They catch fishermen’s wallets.

Everything I see on the Lego aisle at the toy store is related to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC. It’s all kits with highly structured sets of instructions. Try finding a bucket of loose pieces that allow for free-form unstructured play, or that would let you build anything like these.

The implication in the ads is that kids will build from their imagination. Have they ever used Lego? It’s highly regimented. You buy a kit and you spend the next few hours following instructions. If you skip some instructions or deviate in any way, the model won’t come together. There is nothing creative or imaginative about the Lego product line.

Like those fishing lures, those things are for the adults.
You can still get the buckets, though they don’t look like buckets any more. And seem to have far more colors than I remember (I think mine were red, black and white.)

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