Grid system setups

Hello friends! I’m looking for advice!

I need to use an existing grid system to my designs. Attached is the system grid instructions that I need to follow.

My design measurements is W 447mm x H 285mm

I had been recommended to apply a 7 column grid system

composed of 2.5cm (width) by 3cm (height) modules.

Can you read the document I am attaching to tell me if you understand how to apply it to my existing measurements?

I also attached the document I’ve made in InDesign

Thank you in advance.

Unless I’m missing something, it can’t be done to those exact specifications. The person who devised the assignment isn’t very good at math, or communicating. The spread you set up doesn’t meet the specs (you tried, but it’s not possible), and if I had to set content on a grid like that, I’d rather shut off the computer and go get a root canal I don’t need.

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I tried to modify my post, but ran afoul of the edit-time allotment, so, here I’ll qualify my assertions:

You can, of course, set up a page with 7 columns, 2.5 mm gutters, and the trim, bleed, and margins shown. But then the grid-unit width and height listed just make a mess of it; neither the trim nor the margin dimensions given are evenly divisible by the grid so-called “module” dimensions.

Maybe someone will come along and teach us both how to satisfy that brief.

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I had a test similar to this once. The real test was, “what do you do if the instructions you have been given are null?”

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Thank you so much for your time and for your response! I tried it in different ways but came to the same conclusion.

Hmm! That’s an interesting thought. Thank you!

Demand a grid template. Problem solved.

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I just tried this myself. Not only are the instructions cryptic and poorly written, the numbers don’t add up.

I could go through it point by point to cite the mistakes, missing information, weirdly worded instructions, contradictions, and things that just plain don’t make sense, but that wouldn’t help you solve the problem since, considering the instructions, it isn’t doable.