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hello everyone , I am currently in my 11th year in highschool and I am taking a design/photography course. I came across a beautiful photo which alters the image drastically with pink highlights , I have a concern because i have tried with color overlay and gradient overlay.

Experimenting with how Photoshop’s layer effects interact with the layers beneath it can produce some interesting images. Is that what you’ve done?

so I am not really knowledgeable about the program . The image on the right is my attempt and I am trying to comphrend how to achieve the image on the left

Is there a way to select highlights and colorize them

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These kinds of effect are not as straight-forward to achieve as you might think. Effects like the one you posted depend on using various Photoshop features, tools and settings in combination with each other to achieve the results.

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oH I see. Sometimes it is easy to think photoshop is the only program to do this

I’d say the work was done using Photoshop. What Just-B is saying is that there are many techniques within Photoshop and many different ways to achieve similar results. You’re not going to find one button to push that will take the photo on the right and make it look like the photo on the left. The look on the left was probably achieved with some combination of different layers, blending modes,
adjustment layers, masks, and color overlays.

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Hello! This looks like Photoshop Duotone effect. A duotone is a cool effect that combines the use of two colours in a photo. Your example is using beige and pink. Have a look online, there are lots of great tutorials that will help you create this effect.

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One possible way… In photoshop, convert to grayscale, then Mode > Duotone. Choose a magenta, then okay. This will change the girl to magenta and white. Then add another layer on top of this and change it to Mutliply, and use the paint bucket to dump a light orange on this layer. You can adjust the Opacity of the layer to make it lighter. Then create your white type on a layer above this, and black type on a layer above that. Though it generally isn’t a good idea to use small text in photoshop designs. I’d bring the ps image into Indesign and add all the text in Indesign.

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Thank you, Mojo . I appreciate it alot. Thank you

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