Guys i need you help with my Logo

I think there something missing but I don’t know what_it is!

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Your logo?

Facetiousness aside. Hi. Welcome aboard.

I like it. It’s subtle. It hides in plain sight. Your logo conveys information without giving anything away. Your choice of font is particularly inspiring.

The invisible ink trend is definitely having a moment right now. Obviously inspired by John Cage’s 4’33", as well as the cloaking device so jealously guarded by the 23rd century Klingon Empire …

Nice use of negative space.

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Now now my young friends …

Yes, it leaves me with an empty feeling.

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I don’t know if this is meant as a joke or not :laughing:

If it isn’t you should repost your image @SamuellYalong08

Reversing a logo out of white is very David Carson.

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