Halftone tutorial request

Hi there !

I’m looking for a tutorial to creat a halftone pattern with complex shapes.
Something that play with the thickness of the lines and where custom shapes can fit to a grid (or can be placed precisely)
I’ve attached an example of what I’m looking for:


Help will be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

that image you posted? Hate to tell you this but it’s just a stepped blend with some of the shapes removed…
Nothing halftone about it.

If you want to have some fun with gradient halftones with a limited number of shapes available, I highly recommend Rasterbator. Despite its terrible name, it is a very powerful raster-to-vector halftone converter.

Not the tutorial you were looking for, but there is a plugin called Phantasm, for Illustrator by Astute Graphics that provides functionality for using your own custom shapes to create complex halftone patterns. I highly recommend it if you find yourself doing a lot of this kind of work. (All of their plugins are excellent)

Plugin: Phantasm
See how it works here youtube link

I use Phantasm too, it’s a really great plugin! Though it can be a resource hog.

I understand why you say and halftone can be done with the blending option, but I’m looking for a way to do a very precise blend. On the sample image it seems that only the thickness of the triangle outline change and the center of the triangles used don’t move. that’s what I’m looking for.
Hope my explanations are clear enough… :smiley:

and btw thank all for you so quick answers :smiley:

Try playing with the Appearance palette to adjust blends.
See this post for guidance:

Simply create the pattern then select the rows and change the stroke.

…and then select and change the fill too.

Thank you all for your smart answers. I will try those tips

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