Halloween poster typography pairing

Hi everyone, I’m designing a poster for a local bar for a Halloween event but having trouble finding a suitable pairing. I’m using a display font called Wolves vs Monsters but not sure what could go with it. I was thinking either a sans serif or slab serif which looks ok… Looked online at Halloween font pairing but can’t find anything. Just basic pairings of fonts and how to pair them but it’s still tricky with this particular one I’m using. If anyone has got any alternative fonts I could use along with their pairings, that would be a great help! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Wolves are very different to monsters… Yet you have them the same…

Oh my - fair too early and I might need glasses …

It’s not a critique you’re looking for - my bad - in fairness I was bleary eyed and looking at the phone in the dark.

What is the complete subject of the poster?

What’s the name of the event?
Why are you using Wolves vs Monsters font?

It’s very difficult without context to the poster and what the goal is.
What’s the brief for the local bar regarding their Halloween event?

Pairing the font will only come with context and the goal you want to achieve.

Off the top of my head - something Grungy

This is a good question. You want the paired font to have some personality, but it shouldn’t fight with the Monster font. I think There are several Emigre fonts that could work.

It took me a minute to realize you’ve posted the promotional banner for a typeface called Wolves vs Monster, and that the artwork has nothing to do with your question other than to show us an example of the typeface.

Anyway, what face to use in conjunction with this Wolves vs Monsters typeface depends largely on how you might use it. In general, though, if Wolves vs Monsters dominates the layout, I’d be inclined to pair it with a simple, generic sans-serif. For example, the typeface the designer of the promotional banner used to spell out “RETRO HORROR” seems to be a good pairing. Really, though, almost any clean, simple sans-serif could work.

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