Happy 4th of July weekend!

I dunno bout you all, but I plan to try and totally disconnect this weekend. No party, no plans, no fireworks (there is a statewide ban on towns having them)
This is all getting really really old.

But maybe a clambake with just the fam tomorrow, and the cats of course. I love the face they make when you toss em a clam. They look at you like, “you’re really eating those things?” They don’t get lobster either, but they will get a thawed shrimp or two each. They’ll do tricks for shrimp.

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Everything here is cancelled or banned as well. No worries though for me personally I never go to those things. Too many people :wink: I never could stand waiting in a line of cars for hours to get to get back home. I’ve been social distancing long before it became cool :smiley: LOL

Your weekend sounds awesome. I love a good clambake. We had clams last week for my b-day. I don’t get seafood often but the man got me all sorts of goodies and we had little apps throughout the day and a big lobster boil with corn and little potatoes for dinner. I was in heaven all day with clams, snow crab, scallops, shrimp cocktail and then the main event :wink:

…now I’m hungry again just thinking about it :smiley:


I just landed a good-sized freelance job with the first part being due on Tuesday. I’ll be working through the whole weekend.

Oh, well. If any year is right for working through the 4th of July, it’s this year.

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“Here” is a lake with boating swimming and fireworks tonight which we go to in the boat. Hundreds of boats will be there—hey we are all in our own social distanced boat. The fun part is going home. Everyone shifts around like a pile of ants and then eventually breaks off into streams of boat lights going home to various bays. Bring your mosquito spray!

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That sounds pretty nice too :slight_smile:

Bike ride this morning.

Catching up on work this afternoon.

Simple family celebration this evening, probably grilling pizzas.

Happy Independence Day!

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