Happy anniversary GDF!

I just noticed this particular iteration of the Graphic Design Forum is two years old. The forum has actually been around for much, much longer, but it changed hands several times, with different corporate owners running the show.

Two years ago, the previous corporate owner wanted to shut it down. Forum member/administrator iraszl (Ivan) managed to rescue the forum, took it over himself, switched to better forum software, made many improvements and has kept it running as a privately owned and managed forum ever since.

So first, Happy Anniversary, GDF! And second, thank you @iraszl!



Same here. Oh, GDF also switched from .org to .com. Thought you might want to know.

Hear, hear!

Thanks, Ivan, for keeping this place up and running. Not being on FB, this is my best opportunity to socialize with other designers.

Happy Anniversary Gang!!! :heart::heart:

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Awesome! So glad GDF is up and running better than ever!

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