Happy April Fools' Day! 🌸

Happy April 1st! I’m not posting any pranks … this year has been a big enough joke on all of us.


Have a great day!!!


Not only is it April Fools’ Day, it’s also National Burrito Day. I have no idea who invents these things, but I do plan on eating a burrito for lunch. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s also the day after I got my second Moderna jab. That burrito might need to wait until tomorrow. :cold_sweat:

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Aww … hope you feel better.

No burritos here … chicken fried steak tonight :wink:

Made chicken curry from scratch. My own curry sauce no store bought stuff. It was nice.

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I do love curry dishes.

Then again, any excuse for a burrito is a good one.

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btw … it’s raining and snowing at the same time lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

No joke :grin:

Yikes! End of winter snow + spring shower?

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It’s been cloudy and rainy for a few days. The wind has been horrid. A tree came down out front. No damage thankfully :slight_smile: But today it’s really cold and the rain turned to snow. The flakes are big now. I highly doubt it will amount to much. But, it’s still interesting to watch :wink:

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