Happy Cold Friday! 1/29/21

Stay warm my friends!

I think it’s going to be a good weekend to start a new knitting project :wink:


… and can you believe it’s almost February??? :flushed:

And a full moon to boot. I can tell just by the yips and yells around the shop (you can always tell when there’s a full moon here…)

Yep, had 3 months of “January Thaw.” Get ready for it. Three more months of snowstorms. LOL!
But the sun does come up earlier in the morning now.

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That’s what I’m afraid of LOL. We had that one HUGE storm back in December and then really nothing. It’s gonna happen … I just know it :wink:

This is funny. I literally just said to my wife this morning that we have not had a real blast of cold, arctic air, yet. This weekend is supposed to be mid to upper 30s for us. Unfortunately, it will also be gray with a chance of rain both Saturday and Sunday. But it’s sunny today.

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Indeed! … but … but it says 3º F in Saratoga Springs, on a backdrop of a green pasture?

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LOL … yeah, I think that app could use some different pics :wink:

It just means sunny and no snow.

This is what it actually looks like right now… but think reallyyyyyyy bone chilling cold :wink:


In our parts we don’t think. We live it. We don’t like it.

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I had to break out the woolly undies this morning.
Funny thing about long johns. You gotta double check that you are actually wearing pants before leaving for work. :grimacing:

I’ve been known to wear cargo shorts over them too, but only out to the mailbox. Usually with snowmobile boots. Neighbors must think I’m a wacky. That’s okay. Keeps them away. Hey, be happy I put on the shorts.

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