Happy Cold Friday! 11/09/18

It’s a toasty 25 degrees out

:cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

I hope you are all having a great Friday so far :heart:

A bit of a melancholy day for me. Today is the day we lost our Badgerman. Garricks passed a year ago on this day. So, in order to lighten the mood, I will post some of his old quotes. He loved the Friday QOTW posts and found himself in there frequently. He was had a razor sharp sense of humor. Enjoy :heart:

Originally posted by garricks
ah, but the leering cows don’t twitch, rattle and roll!

Originally posted by garricks
runs in wearing a sombrero…and nothing else

It’s still no-pants day, right?

Originally posted by garricks
Marketeers are from Satan. Especially when they stand over your shoulder and point and get fingerprints on your monitor.

Originally posted by garricks
Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit.

Originally posted by garricks
“Honey, could you pick up a couple of boobies of milk on the way home?”

Originally posted by garricks
The funny part is, even though the back and the knees ache, generally looking out from in here, I don’t feel any different than I did at 25. I just make more noises.

Originally posted by garricks
Yeah, I keep trying to quit. My butt hurts from falling off the wagon.

Originally posted by garricks
CMD-N-O-M should do it.

Oh, I forgot to be bi-lingual… for you PCers that would be CTRL-N-O-M.

Originally posted by garricks
I’ve got a foot dragger in my office

Shhhoooop! Shhhhoooop! Shhhoooop! Shhhhoooop!

Originally posted by garricks
Aw, virgo, at least it wasn’t filled with a rainbow gradient!

hands virg a barf bag

Originally posted by garricks
Pats urst’s hand, it’s OK. the poo is washed away. The plant fiber is left. Lots of zoos are on the bandwagon, selling poo paper in their gift shops

Originally posted by garricks
Oooh, tacos that bite back!

I’ll prevail, though…get in mah belleh!!1!

Originally posted by garricks
I work up the courage to ask Date out to a movie.

We go to see “History of the World.” (My choice. I’m an idiot, should have chosen sappy Chick Flick.)

Here’s where it went wrong:

Exterior, day: Paris
Voice Over: France. 17xx (whatever year it was)

Camera starts with a wide shot of Paris. Zooms in as the VO continues.
We zoom in tight on a local street. Brass street plaque reads, “Rue d’ Merde” Garrick translates in his head, “Sh!t Street.”

Garrick laughs. Loudly.
Date shoots a look…“WTF?”

Garrick realizes he’s the only one in the entire theater who caught it, and tears streaming down his cheeks, laughs louder, huge guffaws that cause people to turn around and WTF him.

The laughter dies out as Garrick realizes:
A) Date is poking Garrick in the ribs, hissing “What is so pancaking funny?!?”; and
B) Garrick is laughing so hard he cannot breathe. Garrick has to go to the lobby to get control.

And… scene.

A) I had to go back the next night to see the 15 minutes of the movie I missed from laughing; and
B) There was no second date; and
C) It was Date’s loss. Several years later I learned that Date moved to California and joined a “commune.” shrug

That little moment is one of my favorite memories.

/end hijack/

Originally posted by garricks
buda, i would think the ones that do are likely missing a finger or two! Badgers seem to be rather nasty creatures…except for the cartoon variety!

Originally posted by garricks
If I had a hedgehog I’d call him Dimsdale!

Originally posted by garricks
not of ME, silly. re-reads post Oh, I see how you could think that. No, I’m white-bread boring vanilla. It’s all in my mind and googling skillz. Sorry to disappoint!

Originally posted by garricks
Today was a long day, and to top it off, I heard from a client regarding a logo design, "Well, I like the font you chose, but it only says Blorg Snarf. We’ve been using Blorg Snarf Piffle, so you need to change it. Oh, and can we see some with just BSP? (Which, the actual acronym spells nothing and has absolutely no brand equity to the larger organizationl.) This after several days of sketching and lots of thought put into it.

I’m a bitter, bitter person tonight.

Originally posted by garricks
My favorite thing to do (especially in a meeting) is to stare at a person’s forehead with a vague WTH look on my face. They gradually get really uncomfortable, and when they finally say “WHAT?” I just calmly say “April Fool.” Works every time!

Originally posted by garricks
My bullsh!t alarm went off.

Originally posted by garricks
I’m the guy that insists on calling “Times New Roman” a typeface rather than a font, regardless of what Redmond and Cupertino think. So no, not too pedantic.

Originally posted by garricks
Looking at the noms has me really thinking about negative space now. I need to start taking some pix and nomming them up.

I see noms everywhere. Some don’t even know they’re noms. (OK, bad ‘Sixth Sense’ joke)

I had a hankering for some Underwood Deviled meat a few weeks ago, and couldn’t find it at my grocery…they had other brands, but not Underwood. That was my grandmother’s brand preference, therefore it’s mine! (I know that makes very little sense, but you had to know my nana!)

Originally posted by garricks
gets in Acme jet plane to drop airline blue toilet ice on Ckret

Originally posted by garricks
sits up straight and formal
The toilet ice would be Pantone 3005C. (because Process Blue would just be too easy.)

Also on the topic of Pantone colors, I went to Amazon to price a new Solid Coated fan, as my current book at home is 10 years out of date. In the comment/review section under THIS set of guides is written:

“It’s quite nice. You know, like it has all the colors and stuff. I mean, ALL the colors. Name a color . . . bingo, it’s there. My only complaint is, they don’t use nice names for the colors. They’re all “PMS147” or “PMS1457” but really, I’d prefer something like “mediterranean blue” or “tuscan yellow.” Just a suggestion.”

Followed by the response:

“Jeff, you are stupid. go to Home Depot and steal paint chip strips if you want “pretty” names. pantone books are used in print so that color is the same no matter where you get things printed. just like car painting…”

Originally posted by garricks
He wants something people will throw away?

'k, do me a favor. Give him my address and tell him to just send his money to me. I’ll give it a good home and he won’t have to worry about it any more!

Originally posted by garricks
Cool find, longboy… runs off to play with gradient feather tool

Wait. Does “gradient feather tool” sound dirty to anyone else?

Originally posted by garricks
Typically, dude, are you seriously huffing a diaper genie??? WTH is wrong with you!?

Originally posted by garricks
Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

(Now, if only that worked…

Originally posted by garricks
Thank you. I’m here 'till next Thursday, try the veal and don’t forget to tip your server!

Originally posted by garricks

My boss went around for MONTHS saying, “Does that make you horny, baby?” Made me cringe every time.

Originally posted by garricks
See, that’s why you need us old farts, to 'splain how we used to do stuff!

Like walking 520 miles each way in the driving snow to get to school every day. ROFL

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That’s all folks :smiley:

Have A Great Weekend!!!


It’s chilly here, but not 25 chilly. That’s pretty tough considering it’s still the first half of November, but maybe that’s normal for your neck of the woods.

Have a great weekend, everybody.


Holy crap, I spoke too soon. It’s supposed to be down to 19 tonight. What the frick happened to fall?

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lmao … yeah it’s normal for up here in the woods :wink: We are expecting our first snowfall over the weekend. We shall see :wink:

My afternoon plans just changed:

– Disconnect hoses.

– Drain hoses.

– Turn off outside water.

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'round these here parts … that’s done before Halloween :smiley:

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Yes! Thanks for the reminder. I need to do the same today. I definitely don’t need any broken pipes.


Still chewing through a mountain of left over Halloween candy whilst playing around with anime.js

Fun times!!!


Well, I am water tight for the winter season. It was actually flurrying super lightly while I was outside wrangling my stiff hose. Wait. That sounds bad. I mean my garden hoses weren’t as flexible as normal due to the cold temperatures.


My new Twitter handle: “Stiff Hose Wrangler (seasonal)”


Thanks for the Friday post, Kittie!

It snowed lightly here last night and bit again today. It’s funny, all the mentions of hoses. I wrangled no fewer than 3 stiff hoses last night.

This weekend is an extended family reunion / early Thanksgiving.


Take off you Hoser! Bob & Doug Mckenzie


LMAO! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You are very welcome Yoss :heart:

And The McKenzie Brothers! I haven’t seen them in ages :smiley: Now that damn song is gonna be stuck in my head :smiley:

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btw … we got our first snow tonight. Now it’s raining like crazy, so it will all be gone shortly :wink:

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It’s 40° here. You guys can keep your snow thank you very much.
Gonna be a cold weekend and I still have the stiff hose wrangling, window well covering, putting the yard to bed chores to do. At least the boat’s covered (priorities, you know.)

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LOL … but I like to share


Although it’s really just about gone now from the rain. It’s still pretty cold though :wink:

Who’s ready for spring?

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LOL … The worst is yet to come :smiley:

But, on the upside Spring is only 6 months away :smiley:

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I look forward to December 22. The days start getting longer. Except for February. That has to be the longest, darkest month of the year, even though the shortest.


I’d agree with that assessment.

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