Happy Cold June Friday! 🥶 6/14/19

Between the wind and the rain the old mercury hasn’t budged over the 60° mark. It’s a wee bit chilly :cold_face:

We were freezing in those winter temps and longing for it to be 60°. It’s amazing how fast our bodies adjust and now we are still freezing :smiley: Although it doesn’t bother me at all. The longer it takes to put on the AC the better. It’s so damn $$$



I hope the rest of your day is good and flies by! :smiley:

Otherwise …

Here’s to the weekend!!! :blush::smiley::partying_face:


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I like the 60s. Makes gardening far more pleasant than being in the 80s-90s with 90% humidity.

Lots of chores this weekend though. Hoping to get in at least a couple hours fishing.

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I like the 60s F. outside if I’m doing work or exercise. If I’m sitting around, it gets downright cold.

I find myself often feeling colder in the summer than the winter since so many stores and restaurants crank up their air conditioning to high levels. It seems a bit ridiculous to me to dig into my winter clothing just to visit a restaurant I like, but it happens all summer long.

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It’s unseasonably cool here, too. I got out for a bike ride yesterday afternoon, and it felt more like riding in September than June. I’ll take it.

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I have to bring a sweater if going to a movie or out to dinner. It’s just too cold in those places. For me anyway :wink:

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