Happy Computer Security Friday! 11/30/18

November 30 is Computer Security Day.

This unofficial holiday encourages and reminds folks to secure their computers and their personal information.

Computers, electronic devices, and smart phones have made our lives easier by making communication faster, more convenient and more efficient. At the same time, they have created many privacy and security issues. The holiday reminds people to stay on top of their computer security and to take steps to make their personal information and data secure.

Since 1988

First observed in 1988, Computer Security Day (CSD), is now celebrated worldwide by businesses, schools and government organizations. If the holiday falls on a weekend, many companies celebrate it on the first business day after November 30.

How to Celebrate?

  • Using the same old password or the same password for all your online accounts? You may be vulnerable to hackers. Spend the day changing and updating your passwords.
  • Sign up for a password manager that not only generates random passwords for you but can also save them for you so you don’t have to remember them.
  • Update all your spyware and malware protection software.
  • Back up your files and photographs.
  • If you own a business or are responsible for organizing events at your workplace, why not hold a computer security seminar for your employees and co-workers? Draw up a security strategy and best practices for all of them to follow and present it at the meeting.

Did You Know…

…that the first known computer virus was called the Creeper Virus? The virus affected the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network or ARPANET, the precursor to today’s internet.



Whatever you do this weekend make it a good one :slight_smile: I’ll be chipping away at my Christmas crafts. My ornaments are almost done … then on to a few gifts. :slight_smile:


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Yep, Dunks just announced their Perks Card database was breached.
Not even your coffee is safe!

If the snow is finished melting, I get to rake leaves this weekend.
At least I can be outdoors

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Happy weekend, everybody!

We’ll be visiting the other side of my wife’s extended family. It’s sort of a combo Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’d love to bail on that one, but we hardly ever see them. I got most of my leaves up last time we had a dry day. The rest that came down afterwards may just have to stay there until spring.

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Yep, Happy Friday, folks!

Mrs. Steve O is dropping strong hints that I should take off work early to get some Christmas lights put on the bushes and door before tomorrow’s rain.

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Have a great weekend…

this weekend’s tasks: figure out how to build and hang acoustic panels on the cieling

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These metaphors keep getting more elaborate all the time.


Walked right into that one, didn’t I? :wink:

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Trying to do photographic justice to/for/with this mountain of candy wrappers left behind in the wake of me eating through mountain of leftover Halloween candy.


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