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A few weeks ago 16 year old Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg went viral with her protests outside the Parliament building in Stockholm and this led to similar protests here. We had climate change protesters in their thousands in London over the weekend and kids skipping school every Friday to demonstrate all over the country. On Sunday she addressed the protesters in London
and here she is interviewed by the BBC;

Cool kid and its worth remembering when you listen to her that English is her second language.

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I bought this book for my daughter not too long ago. It’s full of interesting infographics on every page.

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Too many people. Not enough Earth.

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Yes, unfortunately.

I’m really quite pessimistic about the long-term prospects of our planet and those who will be living here when it finally breaks.

It seem rather obvious that the population explosion shown in the graphic below is utterly unsustainable and will come to an unpleasant screeching halt. The UN projects that population increases will begin to gradually level off within 50 to 75 years and stabilize at somewhere around 10 billion people. Personally, I think that’s wishful thinking.

^That’s the primary fear of modern conservatism.^

The primary fear of modern liberalism is too much selfish greed, not enough optimizing and sharing.

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I was gonna make a nasty comment about those that parse everything based on liberalism/conservatism with the bent that one side or the other is wrong (hint: they both are.) Maybe I just did…but you did just imply that I was a greedy conservative when nothing could be further from the truth. I’m a pragmatist. A cynical one at that. I was heavily involved in the conservationism and back-to-the-land movement of the 70s. All of that has since pretty much fallen apart, mostly due to politics and greed.

It’s a simple observation. Too many people, not enough resources.
It’s a self-correcting problem. Eventually.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I didn’t say, nor mean to imply that you were greedy. I was only pointing out the position you stated (by definition) is a conservative position, whether or not you are conservative on any other political issues. It’s also (what I believe) is the primary fear of modern conservatives, meaning that it’s the position that all other modern conservative positions stem from.

When I said modern liberalism primarily fears greed, that doesn’t mean that conservatives are greedy. Liberals can be just as greedy. What I notice about conservatives is that they assume that more people are primarily greedy than liberals assume are. Conservatives are likely to support more policies that forgive (or at least account for) greed than liberals are likely to support.

Most of my assessments on this forum are never directed at any person in particular. They are directed at positions. I can agree with you on one position, and disagree with you on another, whether or not I like your personality in general. I don’t pretend to know anyone well enough to make such assumptions about their political alignment based on their limited posting on this non-political forum. If it were a political forum, I still wouldn’t make a simplistic conservative/liberal labeling of what I think their political alignment is.

I would base any labeling on the policies they support or oppose, e.i. liberal position vs conservative position. And that would depend on the policy. Some policies are neither, such as support of the middle class or opposition of elitism. Some policies are about left-wing vs right-wing. Some policies are about Democrats vs Republicans. Some policies are about Rural vs Urban. Everything might align on 1 side in 66% of the cases, but it’s never as simple as everything aligned with everyone on 1 side. Republicans used to be the party of environmental conservatives, but it doesn’t seem so these days with the climate change denial.

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