Happy Fall 2020 🍁

It’s officially Autumn here in the Northeast!

Wishing the rest of you Northern Hemisphere folks a very good Fall season :fallen_leaf: :orange_heart: :fallen_leaf:


It’s funny. Today is the first day of fall, and it’s the first cloudy day we’ve had for a couple of weeks. Go figure. Anyway, we started having fall weather a couple of weeks ago – so here’s hoping for a nice, long fall season this year. Far too often, we go from running the AC full time to maybe two weeks of nice weather to having to turn the furnace on.

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We got an early frost last Sunday night. As in pretty much a hard freeze. It was 30°F when I got up yesterday. When I went out to dig up my now dead sweet potatoes last night, it had actually gotten cold enough to ruin any of them that were within an inch below ground. Already black and will be a tossup if the cut offs will cure without rotting further. The deeper ones were ok, just smaller than I wanted. Usually dig em up in mid-October when they are larger and they cure just in time for Thanksgiving.

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We have a beautiful, sunny day. Even though it’s chilly. We haven’t gotten out of the 50’s yet. We quite literally went from hot, humid and oppressing to cold, breezy and “where did I put my sweater” weather :wink: That’s ok by me at this point. Our AC cost us a few hundred extra this summer… I prepare for it … but it still hurts when it comes around. Luckily our heat is included in rent so that is never an issue for us. My heart hurts for the rest who have to deal with oil deliveries. $$ :money_with_wings: $$ :flushed:

… and PD that stinks :frowning: Hopefully you can salvage a few.

Yeah, I got about 10lbs out of the mess, including the cut-offs though. Usually get about 25-30lbs to last the winter. Definitely enough unfrozen ones for Thanksgiving. The rest are a bonus. They’ll keep til March usually. But when uncured and tender, once they freeze they rot almost the minute they thaw.

We pay oil, but we pay up front to lock in the price over winter. It’s a hefty outlay, but you prepare for the next one the minute you pay this one and it works out. We try not to turn it on until Thanksgiving, except for the back office zone where my sister works all day. That’s been on since yesterday.

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This should be over in the Words of Wisdom thread :wink:

So many have to learn the lesson the hard way.

Does your electric company offer budget billing? We do budget billing for both electricity and gas. The utilities bill you for your 12 month average every month with an adjustment once a year. Now that my oldest son and his family have a house with a washer and drier, I’m expecting our utility consumption to go down since we’ve gone from doing laundry for 7 to laundry for four. Now, if I can get the other two kids to move out.

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They do … I’ve just always done it this way. Our months when there is no AC are so ridiculously low that I never mention it … people want to hit me LOL :stuck_out_tongue: So I just budget moola aside for two months of pain :wink:

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My sister has 5 kids so with her and the hubs that 7 people … When the 3 older ones moved out and went to collage… their bill dropped to half … Mia is 6 and Mikey is 13… my sister is cheering on the next decade to be over lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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The one downside to this most glorious of seasons? Weekends means the nonstop hum of leaf blowers.

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No autumn forests with pretty leaves here in Los Angeles. Just hillsides aglow with wildfires.


Hi RedKittie,
Thanks for wishing this fall season on this forum.
Wish you the same to all on the forum.

Best times,

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