Happy Fall Friday 9/21/18

Autumn begins tomorrow. Time to pull out all those cosy sweaters and hoodies, hot cider and dare I say pumpkin spice. Maybe even a bonfire with any hope :smiley:

This is my favorite time of year. I love the changing of the terrain and the whole season of Witches and Goblins that is upon us :smiley:

I hope your Friday is zooming by and you can all settle in to a cozy, relaxing weekend :heart:

Happy Friday Gang!!!



Fall is hands down my favorite season. We have some family that lives in Iowa, and we’re headed there for a fall barn tour next month. Looking forward to that.

Looking forward to the weekend, too.

Have a great one, everybody.

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That sounds wonderful … pleaseeeee take pics!! :heart:

Oh, most definitely.

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Yay officially Friday!

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I get a nice taste of fall mid December! It’s summer till then.

I got a new kitty on Monday, so I’ll be spending the weekend trying to get the two cats used to each other! She’s so cute, and has such a nice fluffy tail.

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I keep hearing people say that, but for me, autumn has always been my least favorite. Yes, the colors and temperatures are nice, but I really hate to see summer end while knowing that winter is coming and that my favorite season (spring) is a long ways off.

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For us below the Equator is “Happy Spring Friday”…finally winter is over!

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Yeah, it’s a paradox. I’ve always loved the Fall, and often said it was my favorite, with cooler weather, the onset of football season etc., but as I get older, winters get harder and seem longer, the boat goes into storage, and although I do like “the holidays,” the family time spent during them just isn’t as good or carefree as the Summer stuff. I think it would be a lie now to say I have a favorite time of year; it’s sort of evening out to where it’s all equally wonderful and crappy.

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I’m happy to live in an area that gets all four seasons, but winter is my least favorite. So fall may be somewhat bitter sweet since it does mean shorter days and winter is on the way. I enjoy mountain biking and hiking, and there is something magical about being in the woods in the fall – especially late in the afternoon with long shadows.


I welcome the weather change that is coming! I moved away from year-round summers for this! Though I will miss wearing shorts and summer festival season. This weekend I get to relieve my teenage years with a local Industrial/New-Wave music festival. \m/

Happy Friday!

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Yes, I need to do more of both while the weather and temperatures are still good.

Winter to me means going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark and dealing with snow. My favorite ways of relaxing and getting some exercise — hiking and mountain biking — are severely impeded, so I end up spending even more time sitting here in front of a computer.

My stationary bike bores the bejeevers out of me, and the snowshoes I bought for winter hiking on mountain trails are frustrating given that those same trails were better, easier and warmer during the summer.

It’s a rare pleasure even to ride my motorcycle in the winter. Agggh. I really should live in the moment and enjoy the cool, crisp fall weather.

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The only way I can do the stationary bike is if I’m watching something. And it has to be really compelling TV so that I’ll forget what I’m doing. Breaking Bad was great for that.

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Planned to take off early. Ended up working late. Such is the life. Have a good one, everybody.

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Note to self … if I ever ever EVER work for another raging prima donna ever ever again … triple my fee!!!


Endlessly looping this song until I feel clean.


This Friday is one my bestest Friday’s ever!

This weekend me and my most amazing mountain bike (Bikey Bike Bike Bike) are heading out to find us trails!

Have an amazing weekend!!!

<<< UPDATE >>>

As of 5:30PM or so on Friday when I was about hit the Reply button on that above rant … a couple of tornadoes ripped/tore apart a major chunk of my city.

Folks homes ripped from their foundation tossed 1/2 mile away and then dropped on other folks homes. Me, I was only out of water and power from then 'till now.

My neighbours aren’t such assholes after all … :slight_smile:

Another note to self … replace fire extinguisher! Next time I try to cook a chicken in the fire place I’ll be able to ‘easily’ put out the grease fire … :slight_smile:

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Holy crapola Grfk! Glad you are ok. Whew!!!

I hope things are getting better now.

Thanks Red :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Currently playing catch-up … just uncorked a 1.5 liter bottle of an amazing red wine I’ve been saving for this exact moment … going to be fun watching the sun come up … :sunny: :slight_smile:

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Well the sunrise will be the only nice part about staying up all night to work :wink:

I hope it goes smoothly :slight_smile:

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Getting smooooooother by each and every :wine_glass: … work gotta get done.

Hear Hear

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