Happy (February) Hump Day!

The good news, we passed the half way point of February!

The not so good news, it’s freakin’ freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth. Looking at the weather map, you’e probably freezing, too, at least those of you in the U.S. Our forecast is nuts. It’s going to be 6°F today. The forecast for next Monday? 48°F.

No matter what the weather is, at least we’re more than half way through February.


I’m just happy it got warm enough yesterday for the ice to fall off the roof. Didn’t expect it to hit 40. I sure am glad I saved chopping the ice up there for the afternoon! Though it did scare the crap outta the cats when it hit the bulkhead. They musta been hunting in there cuz they went tearing thru my office and up the stairs, not to be seen again until well after supper time.

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Not as cold as that, Steve_O - at least here in Ireland. We genuinely have 2 seasons, 48 weeks of winter and 2 weeks of summer - and those 2 weeks may or may not be consecutive.

It was -2°C yesterday which is about 28.4°F.
Today it’s 12°C (53.6°F).

My brother lives up near Grand Rapids - apparently he gets about 6 months of snow! But the following week after that could be a heatwave -or something like that, I’m a bit sketchy on the details!

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We have some friends that moved here from northern Michigan (the “mitten” part of the state, not the upper peninsula). He chuckled one time because it was April and said that his neighbors were still shoveling snow.

In my neck of the woods, we usually get one or two blasts of the super cold arctic air every winter. So this isn’t that unusual. Thankfully, they don’t last too long. Aside from that, our winters are more tolerable – if you consider 20s and 30s tolerable, that is.

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Everything is relative.
I was waiting in line outside a Chinese restaurant last Friday, stopped to get supper totally forgetting it was the Chinese New Year. I had pulled in behind a guy with Maine plates. I just had a hoodie on for a jacket, he had a pullover sweater. Everyone else in line was bundled up like it was sub-zero. It was 28°f and perfect. The Maine guy said it was -20°F when he left his house that morning and if felt downright tropical to him, LOL. Lots of glares and dour looks from the other folks…


What did you get in the Chinese?

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Happy Hump Day :grin:

It’s 28° and snowing here today. Niece is coming after work to spend the night so she won’t have as far to go home and back for work tomorrow.

Ribs are in the oven perking away nice and slow. I thought that would be a nice dinner treat for her.

As for those glares PD … you should have seen the looks we got when we went down to NC in February 2 years ago. They were in winter jackets and we were just in our street clothes :smiley:

It was 55°


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it was just your standard americanized Chinese food. Fried Rice, General Tso chicken, appetizer platter. There’s another place I go to that is real Chinese food. The specials on the board are in Chinese characters with very cryptic and sometimes unnerving English translations. That can be an adventure.


The second half of February usually begins the slow march to spring here in Salt Lake. It’s trying to snow outside a little today, but between the snow, there will be warmer days and some days where the snow will mix in with rain.

March is always iffy, but there’s never the bitter cold of January and the snow here in the valley usually melts off fairly fast while still building up in the mountains. On the southern, sunny side of our house, I noticed last week that daffodils were already poking an inch or so out of the soil.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to spring more than this year. Warmer weather and a likely emergence from this hellish Covid gloom will cheer up my mood enormously. Yesterday, I prematurely even pumped up the tires on my mountain bike.

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February is our coldest, snowiest month . . . at least by my perception.

My first outside ride of the year is usually between March 20 and March 30. That’s what I’m looking forward to, especially after all of the miles I’ve put in on the trainer this winter.

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I usually go for the Thai Green Curry (from a Chinese) it’s the only place in town that does a really nice one.
Duck, egg fried rice - it’s delicious.

I am partial to a General Tso too - but one time there was a different chef on and he made the sauce a different way - and it wasn’t as nice, so now I’m afraid to order it again in case Chef Nice Sauce isn’t on…

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I saw someone on a motorcycle here last thursday or friday. Those two days were in the low teens for temperature and the wind chill had to be something else at 65mph on the highway. He was wearing a full suit and I sure hope it was heated… Still… All I could think of was car broke and needed to be somewhere insanely important.

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I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to spring more than this year.


I couldn’t have said it better myself. :wink: Welcome to the forum!

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I think I see a Parrot! :wink:

I always have so many plans for spring, some of them haven’t been done for years. Mostly the ones that involve tools and ladders, LOL!

I’ll be taking two weeks off this summer to do the garden.

It’s a nice garden - but it isn’t working with the puppy (soon to be non-puppy in June (2 years old)).

So plan is to build a run for him - so that we have a non-poo garden to enjoy. At the moment it’s like it rained poo - and it’s on stones… it ain’t pretty or easy to clean up.

So anyway- poo free garden for the summer! Wahooo!

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