Happy First Friday of November! 🍁 11/1/19

Power keeps going on and off so this will be brief :smiley:

We had torrential rains last night and still have 50mph wind gusts. Trees down all over the place … flooding and roads washed out. It’s a mess!

Our little patch is ok other than the power driving me batty :wink:

Have a super Friday and a terrific weekend everyone! :heart:


Good luck with the weather. 50mph winds aren’t good.

This past week, it was cold here. At my house, we got down to around 7–8 degrees F for a couple of nights with some snow. It’s slowly warmed up, and the weekend looks to be sunny and warm — well, at least not as cold. If they thaw out some, I suspect I’ll be raking leaves most of the weekend.


Take care out there! I’m also in fall, reporting from Mexico city. It’s much colder than we anticipated, I didn’t really pack for this temperature, as a result, I’m wearing a lot of layers. Running out of clothes fast. Don’t stand too close!


It looks to be a glorious fall weekend, her. Unfortunately, I’ll be inside for most of it. WordCamp is this weekend, so I’ll head to that after work and be there most of the day tomorrow, too. Good learning opportunity, but I’ll miss getting in a good bike ride this weekend. Maybe I can sneak one in on Sunday.

Best wishes to RKK for weathering out the storm. That sounds crazy.

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Happy November!

It’s 82 degrees here lol.

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Sun is shining, it’s Friday, and I get to quit working at 5:00. All in all, a good day. Have a great weekend, gang.

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I just woke up LOL … finally got some sleep when the power came back on for good about 11:30. We are much better off than a lot of folks.

All surrounding schools had to close. There are road closures that are going to take months to repair and flooding that will take a couple days to recede. Ughh…

‘‘Governor Cuomo declaresd a State of Emergency in 11 counties including Warren, (here) Saratoga, Montgomery and Herkimer, following the overnight storms.’’

‘‘The County of Saratoga was impacted by severe weather last night into this morning. Heavy rains and damaging winds caused severe damage to roadways, bridges and electrical lines, leading to numerous power outages.’’

Here are a couple pics from the damage.

Wow! Glad you’re okay.

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We were never in any real danger of flooding like this … however our mailbox is in the middle of it’s own lake now :wink: We have to take the long way to the next town over since the main road washed out at a culvert site. That’s fun. I’ve only heard of one death from someone swept away in a flash flood situation. Most of what happened will now just be $$$ and inconvenience for a lot of folks :frowning:

I’ve heard of lots of roofs needing repairs from leaks now from the wind and pounding rain damage… including my sisters :frowning: so again $$$ and inconvenience.

Wo, the second pic down looks like a design mistake because the sinkhole is so black and hard edged.

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