Happy First Friday of September! 🌻 9/6/19

Here’s to the rest of the day passing quickly and no problems cropping up!




Counting down to 5:00. Lots of fun things to do this weekend. Can’t wait.

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Happy Football Season!

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Have a great weekend :tada::tada::tada:

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Here I was expecting a whole day of 25mph hurricane wind and heavy rain, and staying inside to do chores. Here it is now sunny and breezy and a beautiful 62 degrees.
Definitely a change in plans is in order.

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It’s been beautiful here for the past 3 days. We never see much from hurricanes … but we do get a bit of rain from them now and then.

It was 46° when I woke up at 6 this morning so those cooler temps are rolling in quicker than I expected.

And I am not crazy it’s been a cooler summer in general. My power bill was half of what it was last year for this time. That dang A/C eats up a lot of it. But, it was much less painful this year :wink:

I am in heaven right now with sunny, 75° days :smiley:

There’s one kind of weather that never happens here in Utah — hurricanes. Every several years we’ll get the weak remnants of a Pacific hurricane drifting upwards from Baja, but it never amounts to anything but a little wind and a few rain showers.

Today, it’s 85° F outside (down from the 90s this past week) and a bit hazy. It hardly matters, though. I’m stuck indoors glued to the computer all day on a couple of trade show-related freelance projects. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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