Happy Friday 09/18/20

Happy Friday, gang!

I hope you have a great day and weekend.

It’s going to be a busy one for me. We have a wedding reception to go to this evening, and we’re hosting a birthday lunch on Sunday where we’ll celebrate birthdays for both of my sons and my mom. We’ll be cooking for 17 people for Sunday. Right now, the menu looks like smoked chicken thighs and legs, fresh corn salad, a hearty wheat bread, and cream cheese apple pie. Before lunch, I need to mow the grass, power wash the deck, get to an electronics recycling drop off event on Saturday morning, make a brine and get the chicken started Saturday night, and maybe squeeze a bike ride in there, too.


Not nit-picking - and best of luck with it - but what is social distancing looking like around your parts.
Is it strange or wonderful or not adhered to? Just a general query, not having a dig.

This weekend, I’m wrapping up for the week, taking a week off next week for my wife’s birthday. We are due to go away to stay overnight at a hotel, all social distancing practices in place, we hope! Bloody covid thing is a pain in the backside.

Masks on - and try not to spit in anyone’s general direction!

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Wow, that’s one busy weekend.

Instead, mine is going to consist of working tomorrow to get some stuff finished for next week, but only because I have bailed this afternoon. Lunch, siesta, then going for an Friday evening beer or two with friends. Just been one of those bitty weeks that needs an early Friday finish.

Hope your weekend is fun in and amongst the madness of it all.

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No problem. Didn’t take it so.

I know for the reception they had to add an additional tent so people could space out. The venue is within city limits, so I’m sure social distance protocols will be in place and masks will be required. I don’t know if there will be dancing or not. Being a self-conscious dancer, this could be my excuse not to dance. “Sorry, honey, the people are too close.” As far as the birthday lunch goes, we’re all family. I know this doesn’t make us immune, but we all see each other any way. We’re going to set up several tables – the dining room, we’ll set up a temporary table in the family room, and the deck (hence the power washing the deck tomorrow) – so people can spread out. Usually, we’d all cram in the dinning room for something like this. Also, we have an attic fan, and the forecast looks great. So we can open a few windows, turn on the attic fan, and outside air will be pulled through.


Sounds like a fun weekend and a great menu! :slight_smile:

On this end of things… nadda lmao as per usual :smiley:

I’m making homemade Shrimp Alfredo tonight though … that’s always good :heart:


I’ll be right over.

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Yes, please!

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I’ll save y’all a plate :smiley:

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I’d say I would eat all of it on you, but that would be terribly shellfish of me.

(JK, I don’t even like fish - but any excuse to come over… right?)

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Sure … why not :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a…pun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Been a long week. We actually have a show going out this week (its not an event per se, no audience but it’s televised.) Good to be working is all I can say.

Weekend is getting the space ready in the yard to pull out the boat for the season :frowning_face:
And maybe putting the garden to bed :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:
The Pilgrims are gonna starve this year. No rain. The butternut squash are really small and not a lot of them. Gonna be a race now to see if they ripen before the vines completely die. Only the sweet potatoes aren’t dug up (those wait until first frost.) The rest of it is one big weedy mess. I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t complained.

Steve-O, lucky your party isn’t in this state. $3000 fine for parties over 10 people. And they have been writing those tickets if someone complains.

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Don’t complain then :rofl:

My name is not Karyn…


I can’t take it any more. Been working hard all week. It’s flipping gorgeous outside today. Going to take off work a little early, grab a beer, and go enjoy spending some time doing a little yard work. Have a great one!


I don’t have much going on this weekend, so maybe I can get some yard work done — there’s plenty of that to do.

The weather’s sort of gunky, though, with lots of smoke blowing in from the fires in Oregon and California. I’d rather be here than there in the middle of those awful things, though. I’ve been working with a client in Oregon who says it’s horrible — a half million people under evacuation orders with whole towns burning down. They’ve been taking off work early to take food to evacuation shelters.

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Ya lot have said yard work - I presume means garden.

Here’s what I’m up to!

Design transcends!


You’re in the UK? At least it looks like it from that garden. It always struck me that every B&B we stayed at on trips there always had a square of grass like that. And what I wouldn’t give for a high stone wall between me and my neighbor. LOL.

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That square of grass is a pain my ass. I’m going to tear it all up next year and put back down good old fashioned grass.
It was nice at first, but we got a dog - and that patch is destroyed lol.

Here he is - not impressed with the cows by the canal.


Oh how I wish for a square of grass. My place has the gardens from hell. I love it, but it takes me about 8 hours to strim (weed-whack) it all. It’s on two levels with an actual rock face between them. Never under-estimate the merits of a small patch of lawn!

Oh - I was that soldier - used to have a ride on mower, fun, but took about an hour. Then I had to go about the trees and in between with a hand mower, strimmer. Literally screamed when I saw good weather on a weekend, because that was my weekend there and then - unless my wife was out of town! Then it’s beer and movie weekend!

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