Happy Friday, 1/15.2021

Happy Friday, everyone!

We have a gray day with snow flurries in the midwest. The holidays are behind us. The days are still short (though getting longer). We are firmly ensconced in winter. I don’t mind short days and cold weather around Christmas and New Years, but I’m counting down until Spring, now.

Nothing exciting going on around here this weekend. I’ll probably catch up on work and knock out a few to-do things around the house.

Here’s hoping your weekend will be more fun than mine.

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Nothing going on here either. Just working on crafty stuff to keep myself occupied.

We’ve been experimenting with different food pickling ideas. We have been pickling eggs and ooh they have turned out wonderful. They make a great snack or an addition to a salad or sliced up on the side for lunch. I’ve pickled up a bunch of red onions and they turned out fantastic. My sister loved them so much I gave her a jar. And Joe has been making his own corned beef. Holy deliciousness … it’s fantastic :slight_smile: It’s been a bit of a challenge to find any pickling supplies. Seems lots are “Pandemic Pickling” LOL :wink: But we are the type that saves old big jars so they make great picking vessels :slight_smile: So, long story not so short… it’s time to pickle some more eggs this weekend :slight_smile:

Have a great one Gang!!! :heart:


I am prepared to take your word that pickled eggs are good.

Pickled peaches are supposed to be fantastic.

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LOL … they are. They are just like a boiled egg with a bit of a vinegar flair and heat if you add a little red hot. We pickle them with all sorts of flavor combos. The best are pickled with banana peppers :slight_smile:

I’ve never had pickled peaches … might have to look into that :slight_smile:

Hard boiled eggs are good in a salad, and I like deviled eggs. But I’m not one to snack on a boiled egg. We traveled in the fall, and the hotel we stayed at had breakfast in a bag in leu of the normal hot breakfast. One of the items was a boiled egg that had been cooked in a commercial kitchen and sealed with a little water or oil in a bag. Totally unappetizing to me. It looked more like a science experiment than breakfast.

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LOL :smiley: I can imagine if it’s not something you are used to.

There is no oil in ours :wink:

Oooo, I haven’t had pickled eggs in years! Next time that box of eggs in the fridge gets close to its death date, I’ll have to do that (though I’m sure it won’t be as popular as frothy tapioca pudding…which is what I usually do.)

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I especially like the pickled carrot and daikon they put in banh mi sandwiches. but, nope, I don’t know how to make that.

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I woke up to the smell of vinegar in the air today :smiley:

yep … someone was working on pickling a new batch :smiley:

I need to pickle some veg too. I used to love the jar of pickled veg with carrots, cauliflower and pearl onions. Have you see the price of that lately? You would thing they were plated in gold or something :wink:

I make those kind of pickles (cauliflower and pearl onions) at the end of the year when you can buy veg by the box at the farmstand up the street. I also do enough Bread and Butter pickles to last a while. Made these last August (that bowl is almost as big as the table)


That’s always been a dream of mine … have the space first of all to can up big batches of things and the other is to be in a place I can grow my own little patch of veggies :slight_smile:

… a gal can dream :wink:

I loveee Bread and Butter pickles. Grew up on them as part of any special occasion. They even had their own special crystal dish they got placed in :wink:

The canning I do, it doesn’t take a lot of counter space. The pot holds 12 pint jars. It’s the storing of the stuff (both the canner and the jarred stuff, and the empty jars after) that takes the most room. I’ve tried growing enough stuff in the garden for canning, but with the hot dry summers the last two years, it has been pretty heartbreaking. I haven’t even bought my seeds yet for this year, other than the onions. The garden needs a rehab and this year might be the year for it, rather than try to grow stuff as is.


And grandma always had the “special pickle fork” to go with the funny little glass dish they went into. I have it here. Sort of looks like a splayed trident and never was good at stabbing pickles. LOL.

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I have a long 3 pronged pickle fork too :smiley: It’s old … but not at cool looking as a trident :smiley:

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