Happy Friday! 🍁 10/18/19

Happy Friday Gang!!! Have a great weekend :heart:


Gawd, if I put a onesy on my cat, he’d look like some kind of torsion demon trying to back himself out of it. I can’t even put a harness on him to take him to the vet. He just hears it jingle and he’s under the couch. WAY under the couch.

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Trying to figure out weekend plans right now. I am supposed to go out of town, about a 3 hour drive, to go for a bike ride with a friend. I’ve been looking forward to getting away and riding on some new roads. The forecast is for a chance of rain tomorrow. I really don’t want to drive three hours to have the ride get rained out.

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My girl is fairly calm … but if I tried to put anything on her I don’t see it going well.

My boy … well … he is the laziest, scardy cat I’ve ever known. He can’t be more than a few inches from me at any given moment. But, if I even look as though I’m reaching for anything that could remotely be considered a grooming element the low growling starts. He is an old Tom Cat and has 3 layers of fur. He gets mats now and again and I tried to brush him to keep them from forming and he bites at me. There is no way to keep a routine. If I was petting him I could do it until my hand fell off. I’ve tried the mitten brush … that’s a nope. So about once every year and a half my sister has to come over and we have to just about sit on him and she will shave his lower back to relieve the matting issue. I’ve tried everything else. He acts as though he is being slowly murdered if I do anything other than pet him. So, yeah … I could just see the bloody stump I would be pulling back if I ever attempted dressing him :smiley: … eek!

All my cats have been needy, neurotic or psychotic … I’ve never had a ‘‘normal’’ cat I would feel safe dressing… now dogs on the other hand … they let ya do anything lol :smiley: :wink:

Nothing but rain and wind here the past few days. I hope you luck out and can go :slight_smile:

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