Happy Friday 10/2/20

Friday again? Yep. Another week gone at break-neck speed.

Whatever your weekend plans are, best wishes for a great one with crispy Fall weather.

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It seems the weeks can slug by … but then Friday, Sat and Sun fly by at blazing speed :wink:

No great plans here. I need to do a bit of Fall cleaning … windows … crap like that before the real cold sets in … otherwise just a cozy weekend of movies, crafts, maybe some yarn work and possibly a nice chicken soup.

Have a great weekend everyone!!! :heart:

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It is soup and chili season! Mrs. Steve_O made a delicious chicken and wild rice soup this week. It’s a crockpot recipe, so it’s not only delicious, it’s easy.

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This has been one of THE longest weeks and it was only a 40-hour one.
Soup weekend sounds good. I have a 7-bone chuck in the freezer that’ll make an excellent beef stew. Gonna go get it out to thaw now. Before I forget.


Sounds great you two!

I stuck chicken in the fridge to start thawing for tomorrow’s steamy bubble bath :smiley:

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I forgot what happens when you use the oven on broil (I broil the stew meat instead of brazing so I’m not standing over the darn pot when I have other things to do.) Set off 2 of the 3 smoke alarms at 5am on a Saturday. LOL! But damn, that stew is delicious, even if I do say so myself.

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lol … been there done that :wink:

I can imagine how delicious it is :heart:

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