Happy Friday! 12 Feb 2021

Woke up this Friday morning feeling good - cranked up the computer at 7am. All is well.

Flurry of emails - there was CMYK coming in on a Pantone job - hmmm - oh great… it was to do with the 9 variations of the same keyline.

The supplier had CMYK on the keyline - however, it didn’t show up as 4c in InDesign - it only showed up as 4 colour in the PDF.

Long story short - it was a quirk from opening a new Illustrator file in an old version of Illustrator.

Now 9 keylines have CMYK instead of Pantone.
No big deal - printer can change them on the output.

Reply - NO!!!

Long story short - had to redo all of yesterdays work in half a day today!

*shakes fist

Plus on top of that - 9 urgent jobs came in at the same time.

Only finishing now.

I’m grabbing a beer! :beer: :beer: :beer:


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Ugh, sorry about that.

Here’s hoping my everyone else has a Friday that’s a little more calm than yours.

I’m hoping for a nice, quite, productive day at my desk and then taking off a little early to get a workout in before commencing the weekend.

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Ah yes - it’s all good - the team did an outstanding job and got it all done!

Somedays are with you - some aren’t.
That’s the designer life.

Have a good Friday - and even better weekend!

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Are you sure it was a quirk in Illustrator?
I’d be more suspecting it was an issue with a downloaded updated pantone library in the new version with colors not used in the old Illustrator that was the more likely culprit?
That’s just a guess. For that, I’d blame Pantone. :slight_smile:
(Unless it was a REALLY old version of Illustrator that used the old CVC libraries. Then that’s on whoever opened it with something that old.)

What smokes me sometimes is Indesign refusing to add Colors Used in .ai links to the swatch palette. It’ll put the used Pantones in there, but not the used CMYK colors. Annoying.

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nah it was black 100%

Showed ok in Illustrator
Showed ok placed in InDesign
didn’t output into PDF as 100% black

I ruled out colour profiles.
I ruled out a lot.

Reset the 100% black swatch (clicked text - clicked swatch)
And it worked.

Sorry - for Pantone work we use 100% solid black - not Pantone Black C (only on occasion).

Anyway - simply rest the 100% black to 100% black - and it worked.

Ah Adobe!

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Huh? Never saw that before.
It will only bring in Pantone swatches.
The CMYK colours are then used in the CMYK swatches from InDesign.

If you want CMYK swatches - then make those Spot in Illustrator.
They input as Spot in InDesign.
Then in the Ink Manager in inDesign conver these to cmyk.

The only way I can think of to get those in there.

Another way - obv is to export your Swatches pallete to a ASE and load that in InDesign.

But it’s a good point - I never considered that before?

A quick way - blank page - copy your illustrator (select all - copy) paste it into the blank page in InDesign.

Delete the page and all the contents of pasted illustrator crap (don’t undo).

All the swatches should now be in InDesign.

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Happy Friday Gang!

I don’t have anything nearly as interesting going on lol :smiley:

My big project this weekend is making Ma’amouls (Date Filled Cookies) I bought my first cookie press. I can’t wait to give them a whirl!

Have a great weekend and a …



That’s a weird one Smurf! And yeah, when I really need the swatches, I just copy paste into an empty layer, add em and delete the layer. Sometimes I have to coordinate colors a little more than I should have to.

My project this weekend, if I can’t avoid it, is painting the bathroom. And the ceiling in the den. I almost hope it snows so I can pretend to go out and shovel instead!

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Ha last weekend it rained and my wife wanted me to powerwash the patio - I said I had to wait for a dry day… got away with it!

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