Happy Friday 2/16/18

I almost forgot it’s Friday LOL :wink:

Days blend from time to time. I hope you all have a great weekend!!

A little look back for you all. These are just a few of what I could salvage from MD’s Sick Sig contest. I so wish I could have saved more. It was so funny to see who could try to out sig the Sig Master LOL :smiley: :smiley: He didn’t wear a crown just for the looks :wink:









What a collection RKK! One day, we’ll tell our grandkids about sick sigs. :rofl:

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s Mr Buda’s birthday today (the big four-oh!). He didn’t want a fuss though so we are both working today. That’s what he wants. I swear! I like celebrating with parties so it took me a lot of strength NOT to plan something.

So I got him a 23 year old…

…bottle of his favourite rum. Plus meat snacks (biltong, kinda like jerky). He seems pleased.


Ooo, that’s a sweet gift!

Thanks for the collection RKK. Happy birthday to Mr. Buda, too!

I have no plans until Sunday when my youngest has a music gig where she’ll perform her most recent song. She’s a pretty good singer/songwriter so I’m always excited when she comes up with something new. Until then I’ll be in my pj’s.


Happy Lunar New Year! Happy Friday!! Thanks for all the sick sigs RKK! <3

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Thanks for the sick sigz, can you believe that there is already a generation of kids that don’t know what they are?

Any hoo, my foot doesn’t seem to be getting any better despite additional stretching and compression socks so here I sit in the chalet at the base of ski hill with a beer, a book and a tear in my eye, while my son’s out riding. At least the snow conditions aren’t amazing.

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Happy Birthday to Mr. Buda!!! & Hope you feel better Kermie :frowning:

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Crap, I lie. I’m in my pj’s but the materials for the magazine I layout from home came in last night. It’s come to me a week early cause our next issue is going to be big so we’re getting a head start. It’s a niche magazine about pigeon racing that comes out twice a month. It generally runs anywhere from 48-64 pages except for two issues a year that run about 120 pages. This issue has an article that’s nothing but poetry about pigeons. Translation: lots of wayward tabs.

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I would have never guessed there was a bi-monthly magazine devoted to racing Pigeons! And big magazine at that! Pretty awesome! Don’t work too hard today and have fun tomorrow CF :heart:

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