Happy Friday, 2/21/20

Hopefully I’m not stepping on RKK’s toes here, but Happy Friday!

What’s everyone doing this weekend?

We were supposed to take off and drive to my sister’s house (about 2 hours from here) for my niece’s 13th birthday, but she came down with the flu – which is a bummer. On the positive side, we have an entire Saturday that was blocked out and we now have no plans. The forecast looks spectacular – 52 and mostly sunny. We’ll probably end up going for a hike somewhere. My wife is very understanding of my cycling addiction. But it might be testing her limits if I proposed me taking off to ride on what was supposed to be a getaway day for us.


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Not at all … especially since I’ve shelved this endeavor for the most part … so any time you want to post … feel free my friend :heart:

Not much going on in this neck of the woods. I will continue to work on my new crochet project. A cuddly blankie in the gingham pattern with the griddle stitch. I love it. The colors I chose make the buffalo plaid pattern :slight_smile:

It’s getting quite large and keeping me pretty warm as I make it :smiley: I’m just over half way finished.

Other than that … just doing whatever :slight_smile: I want to cook a roast tomorrow too … I think :wink: Weather is perfect for a nice oven meal with roasted veggies.

Have a great weekend everyone :heart:


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