Happy Friday 3/26/21

Another week bites the dust (almost)!

Here’s hoping spring is in full swing wherever you are.

One of my wife’s friends is a teacher and is going to spend part of her spring break staying with us. I’m going to try and take off a bit early today, like that will actually happen, to get the grass mowed and power wash the deck ahead of her arrival. Looking forward to a nice, long bike ride on Saturday.

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Gonna be a nice Saturday here. Sunday not so much. So gotta do my outdoor stuff tomorrow (might get the onions planted. Yay! Dirt!) and get the gable ends off the boat tent so I can get the motor tuned on Sunday. Aiming to get that in the water in the next week or two, depending on when the boards go in the dam (they lower the water every winter by removing boards in the spillway.) The yard is still too squishy/muddy to get much cleanup done with the lawn tractor, but some of the edges might get hand raked and made pretty.

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Surely this is something after they leave… :smiley:

I’m building a fence - gonna be a nice dog run for the doggy, put some artificial grass down, sandpit for him.
Next stage after that is relaying the lawn - and then put in some decking.

I emailed about 10 people about the project to get prices for doing the whole lot - nobody - none - got back to me. So I’ve researched all the stuff, found some wholesalers and gonna buy and do the lot myself.

Incredulous this era and with covid and all people don’t want work?

Anyway - it’s a big project, so I’ll be on Ibuprofen for about a week as my back is generally bad anyway. Just load up on anti-inflamatory pain killers and I"ll be fine.

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Happy Friday :heart:

We have thunder, rain, sun and wind today :grin:

Almost all our snow is gone and buds are starting to pop out here and there. Spring is definitely in the air.

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Smurf, with everyone stuck at home looking at all their peeling paint and ugly yards, they are hiring contractors like crazy. Hard to find anyone not busy, and certainly not at the start of good weather. Woulda had to book at least last fall here for outside work for this spring. Inside work isn’t so bad though now. It was a few months ago though.

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I think @PrintDriver is right. It’s not that contractors don’t want to work it’s that they are slammed. Everyone around here is taking the money they would have spent traveling and on vacations and putting that money into home improvement projects.

Not totally sure what you’re suggesting, but I’d bet the implication is that the deck will be covered with wine and margarita spills after the girl’s weekend. If that’s the case, probably not. They’re pretty mellow.

Our deck is largely under the house’s roof (I suppose that makes it technically a porch). That’s great, but there is one downside. Dust, dirt, and pollen drift in and land on the decking surface and furniture but, since they are covered, rain doesn’t wash everything off. So I have to get out there with the power washer a few times a year. Yeah, remember that post I made about the neighborhood being noisy? At least it’s an electric power washer and not gas powered.

True in a sense. But nobody has gotten back, not even a courtesy email to say they are not taking on work. It’s radio silence.

Of all I’d expect at least 1 to get back to me. I see a trend in all this. I can’t get a single reply from a tradesperson to come around for electrical, or plumbing or anything.

If my wife rings or emails she gets a reply straightaway.

Yeah, slightly unprofessional not to at least give you a call and say they’re too busy.

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It took me nearly three years to find someone to find and patch a leak in our roof. Most people would never return the call, the one who did wouldn’t show up or they’d drop by, climb up on the roof, climb down, get in their pickup trucks and drive away — never to be seen nor heard from again.

The same is true with a gas fireplace we have that stopped working about five years ago. There aren’t that many gas fireplace repair shops in town, and the ones that do exist don’t return calls or they miss appointments. The two that did show up said they weren’t interested in fixing anything but would be willing to sell us a completely new fireplace for several thousand dollars.

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Do you guys have the equivalent of Angie’s List where you are? While I usually start by asking at a contractor’s supply store near here for someone they recommend, Angie’s list has been a fairly reliable fall back.

Is that like Craigs List?

Man some of the websites out there are so bad in Ireland. Nobody spends any money onthem.

This one website I stumbled on in my search. https://www.our.ie/

It’s so bad. I found a fence guy on it, but his contacts were just an image of his business card. I didn’t even end up contacting him.

No, not like craigs list. It’s a listing of contractors with ratings. It’s kinda gotten too big and not something I go to first. But it’s a resource

It also exposes you to spammers, in my experience. (You ‘opt in’ by using the service, so technically, it may not be spam, but I got a lot of unwanted and pointless email from it.)

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