Happy Friday 4/19/19

It’s a big weekend :slight_smile:

Today is Good Friday, Passover begins at sundown and Sunday is Easter.

To all those who celebrate, have a wonderful holiday :heart:

Have a good one gang! :slight_smile:


Was just at the local farm store.
Easter dinner was a toss up this year.
$25 duck or $35 rabbit (yes, we’re a little bit irreverent here.)
The duck won. I know I can cook that. Never cooked rabbit before.

But I’m wondering why something as…uh…plentiful…as rabbits, is so gosh darn expensive???

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Did it have the word “organic” on it? LOL :wink:

I’ve never had rabbit and would have to research cooking it. I think the duck was a better choice. Nothing like a good duck.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Ha ha, yes.
The duck was “free-range” but the rabbit was “organic.”

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A belated happy Friday, as well as Easter and Passover greetings to those who celebrate. It was a good, and rare, weekend that I didn’t have to work at all. It felt really good. Now it’s Monday again . . .

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