Happy Friday 5/14/21

Woot, woot! Taking off a whole 21 minutes early on a spectacularly beautiful Friday! No matter what you have planned, I hope you has a great weekend.

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I have nothing planned for this weekend other than a bike ride, working on something from a new client, and doing a bit of yard work. With luck, it’ll cool down a little here; I just checked the thermometer and it said 89° F, which seems way too warm for May.


Whoa … Steve … what are you going to do with all that extra time on your hands?


There’s not much going on here for the weekend … as per usual :wink:

I will be watching my Niece graduate magna cum laude tomorrow from SUNY Canton. It will be my first virtual graduation :slight_smile: I am a very proud Auntie :heart:

Then there is always laundry and house tidying. I finished my crochet project a few days ago and I’m trying very hard to give my arm a rest before starting another :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a bit of an addiction right now.

I hope it cools for you B. It was 30 here yesterday and almost 80 today :flushed:

Have a great weekend you two!! :slight_smile:

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Today is boat day! It’s always such a hassle getting it in the water, and back out again, but the in-between part is very nice. Might even get in some fishing today (doubtful for very long. Working weekend…)


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