Happy Friday! 🌸 5/17/19


Hope your Friday is whipping along nicely! We actually have sun here today … I’m a little shook! I don’t know quite how to react :smiley:

It was raining this morning and of course more predicted for later. I’m not sure where it went for right now … but I’ll take it :smiley:

Nothing special planned this weekend. What are your plans?

Not too much for my “On this day” shtick … but here’s one for ya :wink:



Have A Great Weekend Gang!!


It seems like every Friday for the past month I’ve posted about taking off early . . . and have to work until or past 5:00. So I am definitely not taking off early today. You hear me? I’m not taking off early today.

And, yes, the Monica and Chandler thing does make me feel old, thank you very much. :grinning:

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LOL Steve :smiley: … and I do year you… you better not leave early Mister!

:smiley: :wink:

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You’re fired!


For the sake of equal time:
Take the rest of the day off Steve. You’ve earned it.


lmaooooo HB! :smiley:

It’s 3:53, and I’m taking off. Take that! So, yeah, I’ll be mowing the grass. But still.

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I have a feeling I’m once again demonstrating my cultural ignorance, but who are Monica and Chandler?

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You don’t watch much TV so you probably wouldn’t know who they are. They are two characters from the TV show Friends.

It was an ensemble cast and they all had quirks. It was one of the funniest shows around and still is. Lots of folks watch it over and over … including me :wink:

Ahhh, OK. I have heard of that program, but have never seen it.

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Glad you asked first B.
The last thing I watched on TV was the Super Bowl in February (and that sucked.)

I had Friday off. Sort of. iPhones. Hate em.
Very nice weekend here. Might fire up the smoker tomorrow and do some pulled pork.

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That’s next weekend for me. I don’t have a big enough block of time this weekend to do that, but we are smoking some pork tenderloins tomorrow. They only take 90 minutes or so.

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Didn’t even get pics. It barely got off the rack to the picnic table. It was actually an Italian version of pulled pork with a lot of garlic and herbs.
I had a porchetta in the freezer from last fall’s meat buy that needed to be eaten. I buy a big box of pork and beef every fall and pre-make the roasts.
Tasted great!
Need More BBQ!

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Hmm. Never thought about an Italian version of pulled pork. I always go for the American style with a traditional BBQ rub.

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Dammit guys, I stopped eating meat 4 months ago, and right now I’d kill a man for some smoked pork! :crazy_face:


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