Happy Friday! 6/8/18 Edition

It’s almost here!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’m off for my annual mammogram in a few hours … fun times LOL :smiley:

Ladies … get those girls checked if you haven’t :heart::heart::heart:

Saturday I have to make a BIG broccoli-bacon salad for my nieces graduation party on Sunday. Other than that I’m relaxing. :smiley:


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Happy Friday Everyone! :smiley:

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Have a great weekend

I’m supposed to plan a vacation for the end of July. I’ve never actually taken a vacation. All of the traveling I’ve ever done was to see extended family during holidays or to attend a funeral. So I’m not even sure where to go yet. Any suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

*I don’t have a passport, so I can only go to US locations

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Ocean! Beach cabin.


Washington DC
Arizona/New Mexico


Seattle? Pike Place Market, Chilhuly Gallery, etc.


I’ll trade you the mammogram for the colonoscopy I have coming up in a few weeks. :thinking:


Well … I’m rather fond of the Saratoga and Lake George areas :wink: Or you could hit the Big Apple … but that can be exhausting and you will need another vacation :wink: Up here there are lots of lakes, trees and animals :slight_smile:

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Well I’ve already had one of those … so I’ll pass :smiley: LOL

and trust me … the colonoscopy will be easier … at least after the prep part. You will be out and not feeling a hydraulic press squeezing you within an inch of your life :smiley:

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Yes, colonoscopies can be very relaxing. After the prep, that is, as Just-B said.

If it’s your first one, I have a word of advice, for the prep. Vaseline. (Think of it as a large container of chapstick.) Need I say more? :no_mouth:

I love it when the nurse says, “Okay, don’t breathe!” Like I pancaking could if I wanted to.

Interesting! Prolly the only time I’d ever eat broccoli.

This weekend I’ll be dropping some $$$ on a lens for my Canon to shoot my first video … other than that … I want to drink as much Stella as I can (I mean the beer … not the fashion designer).


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I’ll be working tonight right up until we leave to go out with friends for dinner. Then it looks like another working weekend for me. Bummer. On the plus side, there’s a nice bourbon on my desk. I mean, it’s almost 5:00.

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Not my first one :wink: My key to the prep is eating very lightly for about 3 days before. Much kinder to the system. … well … my system anyway. I always preface, that’s what works for me :slight_smile:

lmao … I know!!! :smiley: :smiley: I like gasp out … I… caaaan’t … haha! :smiley:

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