Happy Friday! 7/6/18


It’s a hot one our area … temps near or over 100 every single day. I haven’t ventured too far from the AC :wink:

I hope you stay cool and comfortable!!!

Relax and enjoy the weekend best as you can :heart:

And here is a giggle on me :wink:



I’m working from home today, and looking at the thermometer outside our bedroom window, it seems to have just hit 100°F. Aggggh! It’s only 1:30 pm, here, so add another 2 degrees to that by 5 pm. I think I’ll be heading back up into the mountains this weekend where it’s still cool.

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I was out in the garden in a downpour earlier and it was glorious!
RKK you should be cooling off about now. I think our temp dropped 20° in the last hour. Supposed to be in the 50s here on the overnights for the next 3 nights. In July. Go figure.


Yeah, happy Friday!

Looking forward to having some fun this weekend and not working thru the whole thing.

Going out for BBQ and then to a First Friday art walk with some friends tonight.

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PD you are right … we seemed to have gotten a reprieve today. It’s only gotten up to 77° We have the windows open and giving the AC a break! Whew! It’s a very tough couple weeks on folks around here … especially those outdoor worker :frowning: We even had a couple restaurants close because of the extreme heat.

Tomorrow will be a little more active than usual these days … I will have “my” babies all day. So, I’m going to cook them up a mess of wings (their favorite) Have the topping on the sides so they can choose their flavors … fresh veggies with dip and watermelon … I’ll be a slicing Diva later on today lol :smiley:
I don’t mind though … anything that gets them to eat more fruit and veggies is ok by me :wink:

FRIDAY! Oh ya … Friday!

The last 6 days have all been frydays … ahem!

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That is how my browser window broke up that sentence. A WTF moment. LOL!

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OMG! haahaha! Noooo I promise I’m not cooking them!

aaahahaha!! :rofl::joy::grin:

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