Happy Friday! ⛱ 8/21/19

Hard to believe Summer is almost over. It sure goes by quick when it’s only 2 months long :wink: The kids go back to school here in the East in just over a week. College semesters have already started. Before you know it we will be pulling out the woollies and looking at the Holiday season … Yikes! LOL :smiley:

btw… Candy Corn is already on sale! :pleading_face:

I hope Friday is going well for y’all.

Have A Great Weekend Gang! :heart:

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Happy Friday!

A bunch of kids are already back to school in my neck of the woods. Seems like a short summer, but they get way more three- and four-day weekends than when I was in school.

It’s been a great summer, but I’m ready for fall. You can tell it’s getting close with the shorter days and the sun sinking in the sky.

I have plenty of things to do today, but I don’t feel like working. Major procrastination going on this morning.

No big weekend plans, just the usual stuff.

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I know the Southern states send kids back earlier in August … but they get out in May … ours get out at the end of June. Either way though you are right … they have a ton more days off than we ever did. And now school cancels if there is a whiff of snow in the air lol … I can remember walking home in a ice storm and sliding down my hill to get to the house :smiley:

(I wasn’t barefoot though)


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I’m never ready for the end of summer, but we still have a few weeks until fall hits. Despite the nice temperatures, I’ve never liked fall or seeing the leaves change. I’m not sure, but I think this stems from when I was a kid and how I dreaded the end of summer break — that and knowing that a snowy, cold winter is next in line.

Anyway, I have a motorcycle ride planned for this warm and decidedly unsnowy, summer weekend. :smiley: Well, that and the usual yard work chores, which I really ought to get going on instead of sitting in front of this computer. :wink:

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You have a good one, weekend hasn’t started for me yet :slightly_frowning_face: have to work till tuesday. But I’ll have a three day weekend next.

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Just having a lazy Saturday here. Mostly because I am nursing my every crumbling back. This time I had the nerve to stand up :wink:

It’s always something mundane and then OMG I can’t stand up LOL … gotta love the aging process.

I am like an old car … every day another part rusts and falls off.


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Yeah, RKK, I hate that morning when just the simple act of getting out of bed sets the back off. Ruins the whole day/week.
Hope your feeling better. It’s a beautiful weekend here. Guessing yours is much the same.

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Luckily, it doesn’t happen often, but when I strain a muscle in my back, it’s typically first thing in the morning while taking a shower. My muscles are still getting used to moving, the shower relaxes them even more. I make some unexpected move, then some half-asleep muscle jerks into action and gives out. The rest of the day is spent sitting stiffly, walking stiffly and trying not to injure things even more.

I don’ t know how people with persistent back issues. like herniated discs or spinal osteoarthritis can deal with it every day.

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Thanks guys :heart:

It’s getting better … s…l…o…w…l…y.

The last time this happened I drying off from a shower lol … must be the same type deal Just B. I wasn’t drying furiously either … I simply lifted the towel over my head to wrap up my hair and Oooooh!

I feel for both of you as well. Because it succcccccks lol :smiley:

At least it’s not herniated discs or osteoarthritis (as far as they know)

One thing I do that help tremendously is I purchased a little TENS unit for myself. I got it on Amazon for just under 30 bucks. It works amazingly well for a little home device. I put four pads on my lower back and crank it up to where I can feel it but still tolerate it and I feel much better. It still takes several days to feel back to my normal, but it helps greatly with the pain side of things.

It’s been fantastic! Warm but no AC needed … a little breeze and sunny. It’s been running in the high 70’s. For me … that is perfection :smiley:

I’m going to throw this out for what it’s worth. Maybe you’ll benefit from it or maybe you’ll write it off. Standard caveats about not being a doctor and your situation may vary apply.

I am a fan of chiropractic treatments. Not everyone is, I know. A new chain moved into our area called The Joint – they have locations nationwide. It’s a chiropractic place, but it’s not like a regular chiropractor’s office. You can pay per visit, buy a punch card or get a subscription. It’s an all cash practice; they don’t take insurance at all. I do the subscription and get up to four monthly treatments for $70. Sometimes I’ll go four times a month; sometimes life gets in the way and I only make it 2 or 3 times a month. I’ll tell you this, though, my back feels like it did in my 20s. There have been weeks when I forget to go in and get adjusted because I don’t notice my back at all so I’m not thinking about it.

So, there you go. Something to consider for back pain if you’re open to chiropractors and you have a Joint location near you.

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I used to go to a chiropractor once a week. Then it became a money availability thing and just never went back. Definitely something to consider if you can find a good one.

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I’m one who is not a fan of chiropractors. Some of them have adopted an approach more rooted in science, but the foundation of the field is based around old 19th Century beliefs about misaligned bones, spinal manipulations and sublaxations of the sort for which their is no credible scientific evidence to support it.

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I’m not sure there’s all that much science behind it either. Mostly it’s just about having someone on the outside applying just the right amount of torque to get the old bones to reset in their sockets. My lower back is like that. Seven weeks of physical therapy, but just twisting to reach something in the back seat fixed it with no pain other than a bit of muscle soreness. Now I just see a chiro for that. I have a middle back rib does the same thing. When it’s out, I can’t move, let alone breath, but a couple taps with the hand held jackhammer the chiro has re-seats it. Until next time.

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