Happy Friday 9/14/18 edition :)


Have a great weekend gang!!! :heart:


I am so wanting to cut today short to get to the weekend faster.

Hoping all those folks south of us are doing ok in the storm. And those north of us in the three towns that exploded last night. All scary stuff.

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oh, yeah. Definitely. This day needs to be cut off at the knees.

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It’s been a pretty good Friday. Phone and email have been quiet. Getting lots of work done. Looking forward to the weekend. Not sure what that will entail at this point.

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Frida y, just tell me y!!! Y do you take soooo long to come back around???

This weekend I’ll be designing a bobblehead! Artwork goes out Monday … :sunglasses:

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For me, Friday mostly means the end of my day job work week and the beginning of weekend freelance projects. I’m having trouble remembering when I took an entire day off work. And if it’s not that, it’s mowing lawns and various maintenance projects around the house. It never stops.

I think I need a two-week vacation without a telephone or email, where I can just sit around on a warm remote island beach somewhere, read a bunch of books and listen to the waves.

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Sounds heavenly :slight_smile:

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