Happy Friday - August 17, 2018 Edition ♥

Posting this now as I’m not sure when I will be on in the morning.

Still dealing with the Mr and his surgery recovery :smiley:

He is doing well … but sore.

Otherwise I hope your Friday whirls by and you can begin to enjoy your weekend asap!!

Have a great weekend gang!!! :heart:



Yep, Happy Friday, everyone!

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What a week!

I forgot how busy back-to-school time can get for my work.

Have a fantastic weekend

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Firday! Hey heyyyyyyyyy Friday!

Great day to end this part of my week … long time rap artist client spent 3 hours on the phone … mirco managing the final design of his new album jacket graphics … threw a ton a cash my way via bank transfer.

So I just cracked open a frosty 6 pack of ice cold Moosehead … chillin’ wit my homies.

Have a stupidly sawsome weekend alll y’all.

Oh, hey RKK, did the Mr. really have to have his third testicle removed? I mean seriously … could have made a ton a cash on those adult sites.

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lmao … that would have been easier :wink: he had HS surgery under both arms and a abdominal hernia repair from one that formed from his last surgery :wink:

I was going to post surgery pics … but I don’t want to freak anyone out :smiley:

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Great to read the Mr. has an awesome support team!

Bestest wishes to you both!!!

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