Happy Friday Before Memorial Day!

It’s a 3 day weekend here in the US. Depending on what your job is, you might have all 3 days off. It’s a Federal holiday, so no Government offices, Banks, Schools or Post Offices will be open Monday.

Memorial day is a day for us to remember our fallen soldiers and has also become the start of the “summer season” Many visit graves in the morning and have picnics and cookouts in the afternoon. Others party like it’s 1999. They start drinking on Friday and wake up some time on Monday. Those individuals make it a dangerous weekend. I tend not to go far … too afraid the driver coming at me will have had a few too many :flushed:

That being said … for those not in the US … Have a great weekend!!! For those in the US have a safe weekend :heart: Relax, enjoy and rejuvenate :slight_smile:


Happy Friday All :smiley:

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Remember our fallen civilians too! Many of them were soldiers in non-violent conflicts. As a veteran of violent conflicts, I find altruistic non-violent civilians to be just as honorable. Civil confrontation often takes more bravery than violent confrontation.


It’s been hot here in Salt Lake for the past couple of days. The summer begins. :grinning:

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Have an amazing weekend everyones!

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